Cof­fee may de­crease risk for liver con­di­tions

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More good news for cof­fee lovers: Hav­ing three or more cups of cof­fee each day may help ward off se­ri­ous liver ail­ments, new re­search sug­gested.

The 26-year study of more than 14,000 Amer­i­cans couldn’t prove cause and effect. How­ever, par­tic­i­pants who drank three-plus cups of cof­fee a day were 21 per­cent less likely to find them­selves hos­pi­tal­ized with liver-re­lated ill­nesses, the re­searchers said, UPI re­ported.

Team led by Dr. Mar­i­ana Lazo, of the Johns Hop­kins Bloomberg School of Pub­lic Health, in Bal­ti­more, said, “Cof­fee drinkers may be at lower risk for liver dis­ease.”

The find­ings also sup­port the no­tion that “low and mod­er­ate lev­els of cof­fee may not be harm­ful to the liver”, the re­searchers said.

The study drew on data from a ma­jor na­tional heart dis­ease study. Par­tic­i­pants filled out food ques­tion­naires that in­cluded a ques­tion on cof­fee in­take, and their med­i­cal records were fol­lowed over 26 years.

On av­er­age, peo­ple drank just un­der two eight-ounce cups of cof­fee daily, Lazo’s group found. And cof­fee’s link to health­ier liv­ers was sus­tained even af­ter the re­searchers ad­justed for other fac­tors, such as race and in­come, other health is­sues and in­di­vid­ual di­ets.

One liver spe­cial­ist said he wasn’t sur­prised by the find­ings. Di­rects hep­a­tol­ogy at the San­dra At­las Bass Cen­ter for Liver Dis­eases at North­well Health in Man­has­set, NY, Dr. David Bern­stein, said, “The con­cept that drink­ing cof­fee is good for the liver is not a new one. “There have been sev­eral large stud­ies with cu­mu­la­tively more than 430,000 par­tic­i­pants that have found that drink­ing cof­fee was linked to a sig­nif­i­cant de­crease in de­vel­op­ing cir­rho­sis. “The find­ings in this study sup­port the cur­rent body of ev­i­dence that cof­fee con­sump­tion is as­so­ci­ated with a lower risk of de­vel­op­ing ad­vanced liver dis­ease.” The find­ings were pre­sented Sun­day at the an­nual meet­ing of the Amer­i­can So­ci­ety for Nutri­tion, in Bos­ton. Stud­ies pre­sented at med­i­cal meet­ings should be con­sid­ered pre­lim­i­nary un­til pub­lished in a peer-re­viewed jour­nal.

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