An­zali La­goon, a won­der­ful trip to the heart of na­ture

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A visit to An­zali La­goon is one of the most beau­ti­ful and unique trips to the north of Iran. A la­goon with its In­dian lo­tuses, reed beds and ex­tra­or­di­nary is­lands spread in an area of 20,000 hectares near An­zali city which is lo­cates to the south­west of Caspian Sea. The con­nec­tion be­tween ship­ping port of An­zali and the la­goon has made it even more pop­u­lar.

Be­ing one of the in­ter­na­tional la­goons of Iran, An­zali La­goon was reg­is­tered as an in­ter­na­tional wet­land in Ram­sar Con­ven­tion, 1971, goin­gi­ran. com wrote.

In the mid­dle of the la­goon, an is­land ap­pears which seems to be­long to a time­less era. An end­less green plain oc­cu­pied by horses, cows and birds with­out any sign of hu­mans, re­minds one of the pure beauty and peace­ful­ness of par­adise and makes one feel as if he/she is in an­other planet.

One of the most pop­u­lar plants of An­zali La­goon is wet­land’s tulip, which of­ten blos­soms at the end of May and the be­gin­ning of June, cre­at­ing a breath­tak­ing sight for any tourist.

Rich­ness of bio­di­ver­sity in this re­gion is so vari­able that makes any re­searcher eager to visit the la­goon to ob­serve and study lo­cal and mi­gra­tory birds.

A wide­spread cover of reed bed shapes the veg­e­ta­tion — al­most 75 per­cent of flora in east­ern and cen­tral part of the la­goon. In­dian lo­tus cov­ers the wa­ter sur­face, and quick growth of float­ing plants such as white lo­tus can be seen.

Golden Jackal, Eurasian ot­ter, jun­gle cat and badger are the main mam­mals seen here. An­zali La­goon is home to var­i­ous rep­tiles and am­phib­ians such as Na­trix, Caspian tur­tle, Euro­pean pond tur­tle, Ira­nian longed-leg wood frog and Green Tree Frog. Re­cent re­searches claim that al­most 49 var­i­ous types of fish ex­ist there. Ad­di­tion­ally, the la­goon is habi­tat for a vast range of in­sects.

A vast num­ber of breed­ing birds, mi­gra­tory and win­ter birds visit this place ev­ery year. Dur­ing 2012, al­most 186 dif­fer­ent bird species was ob­served in this area. Re­cently white-tailed ea­gles have been seen to breed on trees. A huge num­ber of win­ter birds, al­most 80,000 ducks, swans and rook spend their cold days in this beau­ti­ful and mod­er­ate site ev­ery win­ter.

The num­ber of Dal­ma­tian Pel­i­can in­creased to 1,200 dur­ing 2009.

An­zali La­goon cli­mate

Not too far from the Caspian Sea, sum­mers in An­zali La­goon is hot and hu­mid and the win­ters is mod­er­ate, min­i­mum tem­per­a­ture drops to 0°C.

It is bet­ter to go to rec­og­nized ports of An­zali city which are un­der su­per­vi­sion of the union to take a trip to the la­goon, although the area is quite vast. Be­ware of the signs in the city, and do not pay at­ten­tion to un­known peo­ple of­fer­ing you to take you there. There are other nat­u­ral lo­cal at­trac­tions around the city, but due to its marshy na­ture it is not rec­om­mended to visit such places, un­less you are com­panied by an ex­pe­ri­enced guide.


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