In­dia to Re­sume Satel­lite Launches by De­cem­ber


BEN­GALURU (Dis­patches) - In­dia would re­sume launch­ing satel­lites in Novem­ber or De­cem­ber, un­fazed by the fail­ure of its rocket in de­ploy­ing a spare nav­i­ga­tion satel­lite in the earth’s lower or­bit on Au­gust 31, space agency chief A.S. Ki­ran Ku­mar said on Fri­day.

“We will re­sume the launches by Novem­ber or De­cem­ber, with one of the re­mote sens­ing satel­lites though we are yet to fi­nal­ize with which,” said In­dian Space Re­search Or­ga­ni­za­tion (ISRO) Chair­man Ki­ran Ku­mar.

ISRO will sched­ule its next launch mis­sion af­ter a com­mit­tee study­ing the cause of the fail­ure sub­mits its re­port soon.

“We have iden­ti­fied what the prob­lem is and are go­ing through the sim­u­la­tions to make sure what we are con­clud­ing is what has ex­actly hap­pened (heat shield not sep­a­rat­ing and de­ploy­ing the satel­lite in the or­bit),” Ki­ran Ku­mar told re­porters on the mar­gins of a space event here.

In a rare mis­sion fail­ure, the space agency’s work­horse Po­lar Satel­lite Launch Ve­hi­cle could not de­liver the 1.4tonne In­dian Re­gional Nav­i­ga­tion Satel­lite in the or­bit as its heat shield did not sep­a­rate min­utes af­ter its suc­cess­ful lift-off from space­port Sri­hariko­tah, 80km north­east of Chen­nai.

“The com­mit­tee has been set up to go through the re­port, which will come out soon. Launches will re­sume af­ter the com­mit­tee gives its fi­nal re­port,” re­it­er­ated Ki­ran.

The rocket’s heat shield should have sep­a­rated three min­utes af­ter the lift-off, but it failed to. Space sci­en­tists at the mis­sion con­trol cen­ter waited for 19 min­utes to see if it would sep­a­rate, and only then de­clared the mis­sion un­suc­cess­ful on Au­gust 31 night.

The IRNSS-1H, which was part of the Nav­i­ga­tion In­dian Con­stel­la­tion (NavIC) as a sub­sti­tute for IRNSS-1A was to have been de­ployed 507km above the earth.

The Rs 1,420-crore NavIC con­sists of nine satel­lites -- seven in or­bit and two as sub­sti­tutes.

The ISRO chief, how­ever, ad­mit­ted that the failed mis­sion was not in­sured.

“We don’t in­sure our own launches. What­ever launches we do are from the govern­ment’s money,” Ki­ran Ku­mar told IANS at the sil­ver ju­bilee cel­e­bra­tions of the space agency’s com­mer­cial arm An­trix Cor­po­ra­tion Ltd, set up 25 years ago for space busi­ness.

An­trix Man­ag­ing Di­rec­tor S. Rakesh said as a set­back the mis­sion fail­ure was a part and par­cel of any space busi­ness.

“If I see the na­ture of its set­back, it is not a se­ri­ous one, it is a small hitch as I see it,” he said.

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