Iran in Com­pli­ance With Nu­clear Deal

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VI­ENNA (Dis­patches) - Iran re­mains in com­pli­ance with the land­mark 2015 nu­clear deal, a UN watch­dog re­port showed Mon­day, four weeks af­ter U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump re­fused to cer­tify the agree­ment.

The quar­terly In­ter­na­tional Atomic Energy Agency update con­firmed that key pa­ram­e­ters of Iran´s nu­clear pro­gram re­mained within the lim­its of the ac­cord with major pow­ers.

The re­stricted re­port, seen by AFP, said Iran “has not en­riched” ura­nium above low lev­els and that its stock­pile of en­riched ura­nium was under the agreed limit of 300 kilo­grams (660 pounds).

Ura­nium when “en­riched” to high pu­ri­ties can be used in a nu­clear weapon. At low pu­ri­ties it can be used for peace­ful ap­pli­ca­tions such as power gen­er­a­tion, Iran´s stated aim.

The new IAEA re­port said that the num­ber of en­rich­ment cen­trifuges in­stalled at Iran´s Natanz site re­mained be­low the up­per limit of 5,060 dur­ing the re­port­ing pe­riod. The vol­ume of heavy wa­ter -- a re­ac­tor coolant -- re­mained be­low the agreed max­i­mum of 130 tons through­out the past three months and on Novem­ber 6 was 114.4 tons.

Iran has gone above that ceil­ing twice since the deal came into force in Jan­uary 2016.

Iran re­moved and ren­dered in­op­er­a­ble the core of the Arak re­ac­tor -- which could in the­ory have given Iran weapons-grade plu­to­nium, be­fore the ac­cord en­tered into force

The IAEA as­sess­ment showed that, aside from on heavy wa­ter, a rel­a­tively mi­nor breach, Tehran has com­plied with the deal since its en­try into force in Jan­uary 2016.

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