‪Energy therapy‬

novindaroo - - صفحهآخر - ‪Mr. Hassani and Mr. Ashtari‬

‪Energy therapy is the best instrument‬ ‪for curing many diseases and those who‬ ‪have more energy can better cure many‬ ‪of self-disorders. Those who fear kinds‬ ‪of diseases and problems would suffer‬ ‪from kinds of hardness and problems.‬ ‪Everybody need energy for different‬ ‪functions and good living, and those‬ ‪who want healthy living must gain‬ ‪more energy. People who benefit from‬ ‪more proteins (herbal or animal kinds),‬ ‪can keep more energy in the body for‬ ‪different doings and functions, and‬ ‪those who want cure their diseases‬ ‪must try for energy gaining .Herbal‬ ‪protein in legumes is the best nitrogen‬ ‪compound that can save more energy by‬ ‪more work. Blood of individuals who‬ ‪benefit from these composition does‬ ‪not get acidic by more working, thus‬ ‪they would not suffer from grinding and‬ ‪destruction at bone joints. Some of the‬ ‪increased energy in body may change‬ ‪to substance which hydrogen is one of‬ ‪them. Those who by producing energy‬ ‪can increase their body hydrogen in the‬ ‪shape of compound or by gaining it‬ ‪from environment, could benefit from‬ ‪a strong body and firm cells.‬

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