‪Hydrogen is necessary for‬ ‪body structure‬

novindaroo - - صفحهآخر -

‪Hydrogen is a repairer element in‬ ‪body and those who can produce more‬ ‪hydrogen, can live more and those‬ ‪who have more energy, could produce‬ ‪more of this element. sometimes‬ ‪some of body compounds or element‬ ‪may destructed or become low and‬ ‪those who have more hydrogen or‬ ‪compositions that create hydrogen‬ ‪that are useful for body structure, or‬ ‪influential at energy creation, can‬ ‪benefit more from these compounds‬ ‪and thus increase the hydrogen. Some‬ ‪production from herbs or animals‬ ‪produce more hydrogen or energy and‬ ‪kinds of green leaves, proteins, fats‬ ‪and compositions having nitrogen in‬ ‪animas, can produce more hydrogen.‬ ‪Also hydrogen can compose with‬ ‪carbon and produce (CH4) and‬ ‪hydrocarbon that easily can burn and‬ ‪produce energy. Different kinds of‬ ‪sugar can burn easily and produce‬ ‪energy that hydrogen is found much in‬ ‪them. Kinds of hydrocarbons, Starch,‬ ‪cellulose and sugars contain lots of‬ ‪hydroge by which we can benefit from‬ ‪full energy compounds for preparing‬ ‪hydrogen for body building and power.‬

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