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‪1) Combine the minced chicken breast with‬ ‪mozzarella cheese, red & white peppers,‬ ‪garlic powder, mustard seeds and one egg‬ ‪.knead them by hand till you have a smooth‬ texture. ‪2) Wash the eggplants without trim off the‬ ‪stem. Cut the end part about a size of a pear‬ ‪(8/9 cm) fried them and set them aside.‬ ‪3) Take with your hand some of the chicken‬ ‪breast mixture and spread it around the‬ ‪eggplants till you cover the eggplant, beat‬ ‪the 2 eggs in a separate bowl. Soak the‬ ‪eggplants into the beaten egg s and coat all‬ ‪the sides with breadcrumb flour.(repeat the‬ ‪same order for the rest)‬ ‪4) Preheat your frying pan on medium high‬ ‪heat. Add the cooking oil and fry all the egg-‬ ‪plants. Once the eggplant is golden brown,‬ ‪flip them and fry the other side. Place them‬ ‪on a plate that has been lined with a paper‬ towel. ‪(Make sure you filter the cooking oil while‬ ‪you frying them)‬

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