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‪1) Boil the water in a bowl add some‬ ‪salt and cook the green beans for 5‬ ‪minutes. Rinse and fry them in a pan.‬ ‪2) Sauté the minced meat and set it‬ aside. ‪3) In a bowl combine the green beans,‬ ‪eggplant, carrots, onion, minced‬ ‪meat, walnuts, black pepper, turmeric,‬ ‪dried rose petals powder, cinnamon‬ ‪powder and nutmeg and mix them‬ ‪well. Beat 4 eggs and add it to the‬ mixture. ‪4) Heat few oil in a pan and pour the‬ ‪whole mixture and spread it well with‬ ‪a spoon.‬ ‪5) Beat one egg and mix it with sliced‬ ‪almond, fried potatoes and berberis.‬ ‪Add it to the pan and spread it on top.‬ ‪Cover the pan and let it be cooked‬ ‪for 15 minutes and let it be cook for‬ ‪another 30 minutes uncovered.‬ ‪6) Slice it nicely and garnish it with‬ ‪lemon and parsley.‬

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