‪Poor situation of the displaced Muslims of Myanmar‬

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‪The President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society described Iran’s assistance by telling the extremely poor situation‬ ‪of Myanmar’s displaced Muslims. Ali Asghar Peivandi, President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society on the sidelines‬ ‪of the visit to the camp of the Myanmar displaced Muslim, said:“The situation is not good at this area and we are‬ ‪heading towards a humanitarian catastrophe, although it may have occurred to some extent.”The refugees have three‬ ‪problems, including the need to give them hot food, as well as individual and group health problems, water is dirty,‬ ‪waste disposal and sanitation are not all appropriate The President of the Iranian Red Crescent Society added:“There‬ ‪should also be fundamental activities on the health and treatment of displaced people, as well as caring camps But all‬ ‪are not enough, so all countries need to help,“he said.” International organizations should also help to return refugees‬ ‪to their homeland as quickly as possible, because aid, control, feeding and preparing health for thousands to‬ ‪thousands displaced people are not easy at all because there is no infrastructure for the deployment of this displaced‬ ‪population.“Referring to the Iranian Red Crescent activities, including sending tons of aid to refugees, and his‬ ‪negotiation with the Minister of Health and the President of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society said:“We need to create‬ ‪a field hospital as soon as possible, in spite of the lack of infrastructure to prevent the epidemic of contagious diseases,‬ ‪this is while many families are having psychological problems and many children are orphaned, and the situation is not‬ ‪good at all.«‬

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