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Mag­gie Gao: Okay ev­ery­one, shall we be­gin?

Bill: Sorry Mag­gie, but we are miss­ing a few peo­ple. Can we hang on a sec?

Mag­gie Gao: Well, I did say eleven o’clock sharp, and it’s now five past so ....

James: Hi ev­ery­one, I’m so sorry I’m late. It’s rain­ing cats and dogs out­side and I had to wait ages for a taxi.

Mag­gie Gao: Okay James, take a seat quickly please. Right, the sub­ject of the meet­ing is.

Sally: Hi guys. Please ex­cuse me, I was held up in traf­fic. Mag­gie Gao: Right, as I was say­ing the sub­ject of the m... Bruno: Hi Mag­gie. I’m ter­ri­bly sorry. The traf­fic is mur­der out there.

Mag­gie Gao: Sit down Bruno! Okay now, as you are aware, the topic for this meet­ing is ‘The im­por­tance of be­ing punc­tual’. Who would like to start?

Key Vo­cab­u­lary hang on a sec: hold on wait ages: wait for a very long time hold up: stuck

I am ter­ri­bly sorry: Very sorry

Sup­ple­men­tary Vo­cab­u­lary late: A oc­cur­ring, com­ing, or be­ing after the usual or proper time ab­sent: not in a cer­tain place at a given time ex­cuse: to of­fer an apol­ogy for; seek to re­move the blame of slack: neg­li­gent; care­less

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