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As a com­muter with a pile of chores wait­ing for you at home, may be you think that there is no time for read­ing books! But when there is a will, there is a way. Even in a busy life, you can stay a bonafide book reader if you be­lieve in book read­ing as a must.

Iran an­nu­ally cel­e­brate Na­tional Day of Book and Book Read­ing in mid-Novem­ber. A re­minder for many of us to es­cape the day-to-day rou­tine and sit back for a mo­ment.

Life is a mix of fun, learn­ing and work, not only over­work so you can en­joy it by a bal­ance! Books can bring you fun and learn­ing so don’t miss this chance and find a way to read more books! Here you can find some hints about this idea:

Put down your smart­phone!

Ad­dicted to check your smart­phone all the time? You are not alone in this mod­ern com­pul­sion! Be­lieve it or not it is one of the main rea­sons for not read­ing books!

Your smart­phone is your con­stant com­pan­ion at doc­tor’s wait­ing room, on the bus, at the traf­fic light and wher­ever you think!

Smart­phone, mod­ern trusty fac­to­tum, pro­vides you with short ‘ in­for­ma­tive’ mes­sages and in this way your sense of learn­ing is ful­filled!

But what is wrong with that? The point is so­cial net­works pro­vide you with un­nec­es­sary in­for­ma­tion if you don’t man­age your time and your apps!

You can choose the book you want and it is not lim­ited to some sen­tences, you should spend time to read it and en­gage with it. May be that is why that it cre­ates a world for you to en­joy it!

Cre­ate prof­itable read­ing time!

Com­mut­ing time and wait­ing time pro­vide great op­por­tu­ni­ties for you to read more books!

Al­ways carry a book with you and then you can en­joy each and every mo­ment in your crazy busy life.

Even when you get ready for sleep, you can al­lo­cate some min­utes to read some pages of a book and in this way you can read chap­ters of a book you like dur­ing a week!

Don’t for­get the magic of au­dio­book!

Au­dio­book is a great com­pan­ion for you in traf­fic jams. Even as a rider, you can en­joy world of book dur­ing com­mut­ing time.

You can down­load some au­dio­book on your smart­phone or tablet and play it while you are on the bus or sub­way head­ing to your work or re­turn­ing home!

You can also lis­ten to your fa­vorite book while you are busy with your home life. It helps you to cre­ate time for read­ing!

E-books, a way for man­ag­ing smart­phones!

The emer­gence of elec­tronic pub­lish­ing and e- books in re­cent years is a way to use smart­phones for de­vel­op­ing book read­ing.

E-book is a so­lu­tion to not let your smart­phone dom­i­nate your day. It is al­ways with you and you can open your book wher­ever you are and read some lines.

They are en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly, cost ef­fec­tive and you al­ways have the chance to choose from a va­ri­ety of e-books.

Dur­ing re­cent years, elec­tronic pub­lish­ing launched some apps to use on tablets and smart­phones for books in Per­sian lan­guage.

‘Fidib’, ‘taaghche’ and ‘faraketab’ are some of these apps, which are widely used by Ira­nian book read­ers.

“Short as life is,” make it longer by read­ing books

Vic­tor Hugo said, “Short as life is, we make it shorter still by the care­less waste of time”.

Books in­tro­duce you to peo­ple of all ages and all places and pro­vide you an op­por­tu­nity to wit­ness dif­fer­ent lives while you are lean­ing, turn­ing its pages. Don’t de­prive your­self from this feast!

By Setareh Behroozi Tehran Times jour­nal­ist

A fam­ily pay a visit to Tehran Book Gar­den on July 10, 2017

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