Us­ing Elec­tron­ics While Trav­el­ing

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Justin: Are you nearly packed?

Mar­sha: Al­most. Let’s see, I have wall charg­ers for my cell phone and other de­vices, ex­tra mem­ory cards for my cam­era, and noise-can­cel­ing head­phones for the air­plane.

Justin: Oh, yeah, I for­got to pack my head­phones. I’d bet­ter dig them out right now.

Mar­sha: I’ve also packed por­ta­ble bat­ter­ies for our de­vices in case we run out of power en route. I’ve also brought a power strip to use in our ho­tel room.

Justin: Why?

Mar­sha: Ho­tel rooms never have enough out­lets.

Justin: That’s true. I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe I should bring one, too. Be­tween the two of us, we have a lot of gad­gets to plug in. Mar­sha: And I’m bring­ing some ca­bles in case we want to hook up our de­vices to the TV. Justin: Don’t you think that’s overkill?

Mar­sha: Not at all. How else will we en­ter­tain our­selves for an en­tire week? Key vo­cab­u­lary packed: if you are packed, you have put ev­ery­thing you need into cases ready to go some­where wall charger: some­thing you plug into the wall usu­ally with small whole that al­lows you to pro­vide power to a cell­phone or some other elec­tronic de­vices’ they are called wall charg­ers be­cause you plug them into out­lets which are on the wall de­vice: a ma­chine or tool that does a spe­cial job; gad­get mem­ory card: a piece of elec­tronic equip­ment for stor­ing data (=in­for­ma­tion), used in com­put­ers, dig­i­tal cam­eras, mo­bile phones etc. noise-can­celling head­phone: head­phones that re­duce un­wanted am­bi­ent sounds us­ing ac­tive noise con­trol dig some­thing out: to find some­thing you have not seen for a long time, or that is not easy to find por­ta­ble: able to be car­ried or moved eas­ily run out of: to use all of some­thing and not have any more left en route: on the way power strip: also known as an ex­ten­sion block, power board, power bar, or a plug board is a block of elec­tri­cal sock­ets that at­taches to the end of a flex­i­ble ca­ble typ­i­cally with a mains plug on the other end, al­low­ing mul­ti­ple elec­tri­cal de­vices to be pow­ered from a sin­gle elec­tri­cal socket out­let: a place on a wall where you can con­nect elec­tri­cal equip­ment to the sup­ply of elec­tric­ity gad­get: a small, use­ful, and clev­erly-de­signed ma­chine or tool plug in: to con­nect a piece of elec­tri­cal equip­ment to the main sup­ply of elec­tric­ity, or to an­other piece of elec­tri­cal equip­ment ca­ble: a plas­tic or rub­ber tube con­tain­ing wires that carry tele­phone mes­sages, elec­tronic sig­nals, tele­vi­sion pic­tures etc. hook up: to con­nect a piece of elec­tronic equip­ment to an­other piece of equip­ment or to an elec­tric­ity sup­ply overkill: more of some­thing than is nec­es­sary or de­sir­able

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