Days 81 to 100: The startup check­list

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Test, mea­sure and it­er­ate your busi­ness con­cept

As House­keep founder Avin Rab­heru ex­plains, in the first 100 days you should “do things that don’t scale”. Rab­heru con­tin­ues: “Don’t worry about prob­lems that have so­lu­tions at scale, worry about prob­lems you have right now. We cleaned dozens of houses be­fore we had a web­site or could even take pay­ment for the cleans!” In essence, prove the con­cept.

De­velop sto­ries

Pob­ble founder Jon Smith: “Be­come a sto­ry­teller and prac­tice your pitch at ev­ery op­por­tu­nity, whether this is to in­vestors, fu­ture team mem­bers, founders, friends, fam­ily and even part­ners! All will need to be con­vinced of what you are say­ing with­out ac­tual proof!”

Lastly, make sure you can walk be­fore you run!

Re­fME’s Hat­ton says you need to fo­cus on be­ing flex­i­ble in the first 100 days while car­wow’s Hind ad­vises you to “set your [busi­ness] up in a log­i­cal or­der and leave room for growth as you be­come more suc­cess­ful”. Rebel Kitchen founder Ar­bib has some fi­nal words of wis­dom: “Know that you can al­ways pivot or al­ter plans if your orig­i­nal de­ci­sion turned out not to be the best or the land­scape changes (it of­ten does!), so don’t get too at­tached to a spe­cific idea or con­cept. If some­thing doesn’t work you have to let it go and change your strat­egy.”

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