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As the world has seen, Pres­i­dent Trump is send­ing 15,000 troops to the border with Mex­ico to stop what the news calls the “mi­grant car­a­van”. The so-called “mi­grant car­a­van” are ac­tu­ally Hon­durans on a pil­grim­age for jus­tice from the United States, whose poli­cies have op­pressed and im­pov­er­ished peo­ple through­out Latin Amer­ica for over a cen­tury. And typ­i­cal of the United States to see an op­pressed peo­ple as an en­emy to be feared.

Now Trump has just told the mil­i­tary to treat any­one throw­ing rocks as an armed en­emy. Ba­si­cally say­ing shoot them. Gosh, I won­der where he got that idea? Could it be from Ben­jamin Ne­tanyahu? Af­ter all, who has been shoot­ing peo­ple and de­fend­ing it by say­ing those peo­ple were throw­ing rocks? Is­rael, of course, for decades now. That is to say, in be­tween shoot­ing paramedics and chil­dren with­out any ex­cuse what­so­ever. But here in the United States, there are a cou­ple prob­lems with this.

First, U.S. law for­bids us­ing the mil­i­tary in a law en­force­ment ca­pac­ity. The spe­cific law is the Posse Comi­ta­tus Act. Im­mi­gra­tion is a civil­ian law mat­ter, not a mil­i­tary con­cern, as is border se­cu­rity. Not that fol­low­ing the law is es­pe­cially a strong trait of Don­ald Trump. But also, it bears men­tion­ing that troops have not been moved like this to se­cure a border since the Civil War. And that was to se­cure the de facto border be­tween the Union and Con­fed­er­ate states.

Sec­ond, giv­ing troops the il­le­gal or­der to shoot un­armed civil­ians is the tacit or­der to com­mit a mas­sacre. One won­ders if Trump has been watch­ing the news from Gaza with ad­mi­ra­tion for the dis­grace­ful ac­tions of the Is­raelis. There is sim­ply too much sim­i­lar­ity for it to be co­in­ci­dence. But there is also a very deadly wild card in that deck. A mil­i­tary fir­ing across a border is an act of war. Mex­ico would have the le­gal right to re­tal­i­ate. Mex­ico would also have the le­gal right to seek al­lies to help de­fend their coun­try. Now, who knows who might an­swer that call? But if it was China, the United States will have stuck its hand into the hor­net’s nest up to the shoul­der once again.

Con­ceiv­ably, if the United States fired across the border, Mex­ico could ap­peal to the United Na­tions for peace­keep­ing troops, turn­ing the border into a Demil­i­ta­rized Zone akin to that which ex­isted be­tween North and South Korea.

In this case, ba­si­cally a Demil­i­ta­rized Zone be­tween North and South Amer­ica. The United States is al­ready try­ing to build a replica of the same wall the Is­raelis have built. It bears men­tion­ing one of the con­trac­tors bid­ding to build the United States border wall is an Is­raeli cor­po­ra­tion.

How­ever, there is a very eerie par­al­lel to what the United States is do­ing send­ing so many heav­ily-armed troops down to the border to stop a cou­ple thou­sand starv­ing and ill-equipped civil­ians. This is nearly iden­ti­cal to what Ger­many did in try­ing to pro­voke a war with Poland in 1939 so they’d have a jus­ti­fi­able rea­son to in­vade Poland. But when Poland didn’t rise to the bait, Ger­many man­u­fac­tured the pre­text by cre­at­ing fic­ti­tious “at­tacks” on Ger­many by Poland. Then Ger­many in­vaded Poland and World War Two be­gan.

It is more than pos­si­ble that the United States might be try­ing to pro­voke Mex­ico into do­ing some­thing that might give the U.S. a rea­son to in­vade. Or, fail­ing that, the U.S. it­self might fake a few “border clashes” with the usual meth­ods it does so. Like the bo­gus “chem­i­cal weapons at­tacks” As­sad sup­pos­edly did in Syria which the en­tire world now knows were false flags. The fact is, the U.S. has enough mil­i­tary bases near the border that it really doesn’t have to move too many mil­i­tary as­sets down there to be­gin an in­va­sion. They would only need the troops mov­ing down to the border now to spear­head an in­va­sion as the ad­vance force af­ter the border clash is pro­voked. Mex­ico would prob­a­bly col­lapse fairly quickly. Of course, the U.S. will lose the oc­cu­pa­tion as it did in Iraq. That goes with­out say­ing.

The U.S. al­ways as­sumes its forces will be wel­comed like they were in World War Two. It doesn’t re­al­ize its troops are now seen as the Wehrma­cht was in World War Two, not the U.S. mil­i­tary of 1944 and 1945. Mex­ico is a big coun­try with a lot of open ter­rain. And bor­der­ing the United States, a guerilla army could visit re­tal­i­a­tion di­rect on United States cities and towns, just as Pan­cho Villa did. And, by the way, Pan­cho Villa is a pretty big folk hero to this day. The United States al­ways as­sumes if it can de­feat the mil­i­tary of a na­tion, the civil­ians will all hail them as con­quer­ing heroes and not im­pe­ri­al­ist in­vaders. That those civil­ians won’t de­fend their coun­try. And as we saw in Iraq, the United States al­ways un­der­es­ti­mates the re­solve of an oc­cu­pied peo­ple. But, again, there is yet an­other wild card in play.

Say the U.S. troops are or­dered to fire on those civil­ians and they don’t. It is when the troops refuse to fire that gov­ern­ments col­lapse. If troops refuse to fire, it could create a cas­cade re­ac­tion with wide­spread disobe­di­ence to the Trump regime and gen­eral strikes. Calls for not just him but his en­tire ad­min­is­tra­tion to step down from power. Quite pos­si­bly, he might be ar­rested for hav­ing given the or­ders and put on trial. Now, I don’t have a lot of faith in that hap­pen­ing but it is one pos­si­bil­ity.

The sad fact is that the United States is a hos­tile power as ag­gres­sive and bel­liger­ent as the Third Re­ich. That’s one prob­lem with the mil­i­tary here: They fol­low or­ders, even or­ders ob­vi­ously wrong and il­le­gal, just as the mil­i­tary of the Third Re­ich did. How else does it hap­pen that it com­mits war crimes, tor­tures peo­ple, and then gets away with it? Be­cause there is no un­con­di­tional sur­ren­der of the United States by which the vic­to­ri­ous na­tion can put the United States on trial for them, as was done to Ger­many and Ja­pan in 1945.

Yes, the en­tire thing on the border is show­boat­ing, grand­stand­ing, and a supreme farce. But it is a farce with 15,000 heav­ily armed sol­diers only one misun­der­stand­ing away from start­ing a war. Or, rather, it’s 15,000 un­wit­ting pawns who’ll be moved to the cen­ter of the board to draw out the other side. Then out comes the knights and bish­ops to be­gin cap­tur­ing pieces. We all know in chess that white moves first. This is what is hap­pen­ing now with the border. A pawn to the cen­ter. But we shall see who check­mates who.

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