‘U.S. on verge of po­lit­i­cal sui­cide’

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TEHRAN — Par­lia­ment Speaker Ali Lar­i­jani said in an open ses­sion of the par­lia­ment on Sun­day that the U.S. has been in­ter­fer­ing in Iran’s in­ter­nal af­fairs for more than 80 years, how­ever the Ira­nian na­tion has al­ways de­fused con­spir­a­cies, the Mehr news agency re­ported.

“Yes­ter­day, the great leader of Is­lamic Rev­o­lu­tion re­ferred to three im­por­tant events whose an­niver­sary falls on this day [13th of Aban], i.e., the Ca­pit­u­la­tion treaty and the late Imam [Khome­ini]’s brave op­po­si­tion to it, the rev­o­lu­tion­ary move­ment of school stu­dents and that of univer­sity stu­dents, all of which are the em­bod­i­ments of the Ira­nian na­tion’s re­sis­tance against ar­ro­gant deeds of the U.S.,” Lar­i­jani stated.

On Nov. 4 (13th of Aban), 1964, SAVAK ar­rested Imam Khome­ini and ex­iled him to Turkey due to his state­ment against Ca­pit­u­la­tion; on the same day in 1978,

56 univer­sity stu­dents were killed protest­ing against the shah; and on Nov. 4,

1979, univer­sity stu­dents cap­tured the “den of spies”, the name for the U.S. em­bassy in Tehran.

Elab­o­rat­ing on the ex­am­ples of U.S. in­ter­fer­ence in Iran, Lar­i­jani pointed to the U.S.-de­signed 1953 coup (28 Mor­dad coup d’état) against the gov­ern­ment of Mo­ham­mad Mosad­deq which guar­an­teed the dic­ta­tor­ship of the Pahlavi dy­nasty for a few more decades.

Lar­i­jani fur­ther re­ferred to the es­tab­lish­ment of SAVAK, the shah’s re­pres­sive se­cu­rity ap­pa­ra­tus, with the help of U.S. ad­vi­sors as well as the CIA and Mos­sad.

“They plun­dered Iran’s wealth, es­pe­cially its oil. In ad­di­tion, they were in com­mand of Iran’s armed forces for decades.”

He fur­ther noted that the shah, not be­ing able to man­age the po­lit­i­cal af­fairs in­de­pen­dently, was en­tirely de­pen­dent on the U.S. “This heavy de­pen­dency on Amer­ica in the mil­i­tary, eco­nomic and po­lit­i­cal af­fairs, as well as in sup­press­ing the free­dom-seek­ers and cre­at­ing a re­pres­sive at­mos­phere, had no out­come other than the hu­mil­i­a­tion of the Ira­nian na­tion be­fore other na­tions, the en­slave­ment of the Ira­nian so­ci­ety and the ret­ro­gres­sion of the whole coun­try.”

Lar­i­jani quoted Imam Khome­ini as say­ing, “Now [af­ter the Ca­pit­u­la­tion treaty] Amer­i­can mil­i­tary and non-mil­i­tary ad­vi­sors along with their fam­i­lies and ser­vants are ex­empt from any crime or of­fense they com­mit while the Ira­nian po­lice can­not ar­rest them, and Ira­nian courts can­not con­vict them.”

“But the Is­lamic Rev­o­lu­tion sud­denly sub­verted the sit­u­a­tion, oust­ing Amer­ica and its ser­vants,” the speaker added.

When the U.S. con­fronted the bar­rier of the Ira­nian na­tion’s re­sis­tance and got dis­ap­pointed, it de­cided to or­ches­trate its hos­til­ity in a novel man­ner by try­ing to dis­in­te­grate the coun­try by in­cit­ing eth­nic up­ris­ings, engi­neer­ing a coup against the Is­lamic sys­tem, and car­ry­ing out ter­ror at­tacks against many of­fi­cials, he fur­ther noted.

“How­ever, all of these con­spir­a­cies, which hap­pened dur­ing the early years af­ter the rev­o­lu­tion, were of no avail to Amer­ica. As a re­sult, Amer­ica in­flamed and sup­ported the war of Sad­dam against Iran. Yet, other West­ern coun­tries and the Soviet Union were of as­sis­tance to Sad­dam.”

Suf­fer­ing ex­ten­sive losses and un­der­go­ing many dif­fi­cul­ties dur­ing the war, the Ira­nian peo­ple’s re­solve re­mained in­tact, Lar­i­jani re­marked.

“Now, like Sad­dam, Don­ald Trump in­tends to fight the Ira­nian peo­ple, in par­tic­u­lar Ira­nian chil­dren and women, but the peo­ple - with the help of Ay­a­tol­lah Khamenei’s adept and clever lead­er­ship - will make Trump suc­cumb just as did Sad­dam,” Lar­i­jani pre­dicted.

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