‪Iranian nomads’ Wedding‬ ‪Ceremony, Symphony of Colors‬

TOURISM - - پرسه -

‪turns brown. 7- Add water and a pinch‬

‪of salt. 8- Cover the pot and cook for 30‬

‪minutes. 9- Fry the diced cabbage in a‬

‪separate bowl for 5 minutes. 10- Stir in the‬

‪minced parsley, cilantro and leek to the pot‬

‪and continue frying for 5 more minutes.‬

‪11- Simmer the rice for 10 minutes until‬

‪tender. 12- Drain the rice and rinse with‬

‪cold water. 13- Add the beefs and lentils‬

‪to the cabbage and herb mixture and stir‬

‪thoroughly. 14- Transfer 2/3 of the rice out‬

‪of the pot to a container. 15- Add 1 tbsp‬

‪vegetable oil. 16- Add a layer of the mix-‬

‪ture and top with a layer of the rice (1/3)‬

‪from the container. 17- Repeat step 16 un-‬

‪til all the ingredients are added to the pot.‬

‪18- Pour another tbsp of vegetable oil on‬

‪top. 19- Cover the pot with a napkin and a‬

‪lid. 20- Cook the rice for 20 minutes (over‬

‪medium-low heat). 21- Stir before serving.‬

‪branch in Phuket Island.On another rea-‬

‪son for holding the festival, she said‬

‪that considerable effort is underway‬

‪by the Tourism Authority of Thailand‬

‪and the country’s government to‬

‪promote Thai cuisine because the‬

‪move helps support farmers in the‬

‪Southeast Asian country.Somany-‬

‪Steppe said there are a large num-‬

‪ber of Muslims in Thailand, and‬

‪that is why many halal foods‬

‪are served at her restaurant.‬

‪Some 15 different Thai foods‬

‪will be served every day‬

‪during the festival.‬

‪material, keeping the house cool during‬

‪summer and warm during winter. This is‬

‪why most of the inhabitants here do not‬

‪use heaters or air conditioning systems.‬

‪Recently a hotel was built, inspired by‬

‪and connected to the style of the village.‬

‪The “Rocky Hotel” features beautiful‬

‪cave interiors with very comfortable liv-‬

‪ing spaces.‬

‪es into cone-shaped pillars containing‬

‪pockets. They have been eroded by the‬

‪elements over the years into their cur-‬

‪rent shapes. Most of the houses are two‬

‪to four stores high. Legend has it that‬

‪Kandovan’s first inhabitants moved here‬

‪centuries ago to escape the invading‬

‪Mongol army.Another interesting aspect‬

‪is the fact that the rock acts as an en-‬

‪ergy efficient‬

‪of Bangkok, the Blue Elephant Cook-‬

‪ing School and Restaurant.Speaking to‬

‪Iran Daily on the sidelines of the festival,‬

‪Founding Partner and Director of Blue‬

‪Elephant Cooking School and Restau-‬

‪rant, Nooror Somany-Steppe, said this‬

‪is the first time she has travelled to Iran‬

‪and that she finds Iran very nice, and‬

‪its people very friendly.She said all the‬

‪vegetables she uses in the foods she‬

‪cooks in Thailand, such as eggplants,‬

‪coriander, onion and garlic, are also sold‬

‪in Iranian markets.Somany-Steppe said‬

‪Tehran is very similar to Bangkok, only‬

‪more crowded.On the main goals of the‬

‪festival, she said the event is aimed at‬

‪promoting Thai foods in Iran, as Thai‬

‪cuisine constitutes a major part of‬

‪the Southeast Asian country’s cul-‬

‪ture, and Iranians would very much‬

‪like to visit Thailand.Somany-Steppe‬

‪added that her restaurant has another‬

‪like a gigantic termite colony.This village‬

‪exemplifies manmade cliff dwellings‬

‪which are still inhabited by 670 people.‬

‪The architectural history of Kandovan‬

‪dates back to the 13th century. In this‬

‪unique village, the homes are not just‬

‪built on the mountain, but they are‬

‪carved into it.Built out of volcanic ash‬

‪and debris spewed during an eruption of‬

‪Mount Sahand, these rocky structures‬

‪were compressed and shaped by‬

‪natural forc-‬

‪he first Thai halal food festival in‬

‪Iran is underway at Parsian Azadi‬

‪Hotel in the capital, Tehran.Titled‬

‪‘Thai Food Festival: Amazing Tastes of‬

‪Thailand,’ the event was inaugurated at‬

‪the Orchid International Restaurant of the‬

‪hotel on September 12, and will be open‬

‪to visitors until September 18.Those in-‬

‪terested in tasting Thai food, or learning‬

‪more about the country’s cuisine, can ei-‬

‪ther go to the festival for lunch, between‬

‪12:30 and 15:30 hrs., or for dinner from‬

‪20:00 to 23:00 hrs.The event has been‬

‪organized by the Royal Thai Embassy in‬

‪Tehran, in cooperation with the Depart-‬

‪ment of International Trade Promotion‬

‪(DITP) – the foremost agency of the Thai‬

‪Ministry of Commerce – Tourism Author-‬

‪ity of Thailand and Thai Airways.The food‬

‪items served at the festival are prepared‬

‪by the chefs of one of the greatest and‬

‪classiest restaurants in the Thai capital‬

‪ranian nomads of Bakhtiari tribe celebrate their wedding ceremo-‬

‪nies with clothes of diverse colors which make their parties as‬

‪colorful as works of Jackson Pollock.‬

‪andovan is an extraordinary an-‬

‪cient village in the province of‬

‪East Azarbaijan, near the city of‬

‪Tabriz, Iran. Kandovan is a village that is‬

‪not only famous for its scenic beauty, but‬

‪also for its uniqueness that comes from‬

‪the fact that many of its homes have‬

‪been made in caves located in cone-‬

‪shaped rock-formation; Thus mak-‬

‪ing the whole village‬ look


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