‪US’ New Vote on Iran‬ ‪Aircraft Contracts‬ Ineffective

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‪Due to the fact that contracts to purchase new airplanes have‬

‪been signed internationally, the US recent vote as regard prohibit-‬

‪ing sales of airplanes to Iran had no effect on the implementation‬

‪of the deal, an aviation official said.All the contracts have been‬

‪sealed based on Iran nuclear deal also known as Joint Compre-‬

‪hensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) have been approved by the Unit-‬

‪ed Nations, Chief Executive of Iran Civil Aviation Organization Ali‬

‪Abedzadeh told Islamic Republic News Agency.Despite the cruel‬

‪sanctions imposed by US on Iran, Iran’s aviation industry is de-‬

‪veloping, he said.Undoubtedly all companies are committed to‬

‪contracts and the contracts should be implemented, he added.‬

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