‪12 Monkeys Die‬ ‪from Simultaneous‬ ‪Heart Attacks in‬ ‪Indian Forest‬

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A‪dozen monkeys suffered simultane-‬ ‪ous heart attacks when they were‬ ‪scared to death by a roaring tiger, it‬

‪has been claimed.Locals were initially baf-‬

‪fled after the monkeys were discovered in‬

‪a forest clearing in the Kotwali Mohammadi‬

‪area of north India, mirror.co.uk wrote.Vets‬

‪thought that the animals were poisoned‬

‪and postmortems were carried out.How-‬

‪ever, the tests apparently revealed that the‬

‪primates had all died from heart attacks.‬

‪They concluded that the only explana-‬

‪tion was that the monkeys were scared to‬

‪death by a big cat.Vet Sanjeev Kumar said:‬

‪“It was confirmed in the post-mortem re-‬

‪port that the monkeys died due to cardiac‬

‪arrest.“The monkeys could have died due‬

‪to tiger’s roar as tigers often traverse that‬

‪area.”Forest department workers found the‬

‪monkeys and an upsetting video shows‬

‪them stuffing the bodies in polythene bags.‬

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