‪Asheh Kadoo Halvai‬ ‪Butternut Squash‬

TOURISM - - صفحه اول -

‪This ash is so hearty and comforting. A‬

‪bowl is just the perfect meal. I hope you’ll‬

‪enjoy it as much as we have been over‬ here! Ingredients:

‪■ 2 medium onions‬

‪■ 6 garlic cloves‬

‪■ 1 lb ground beef‬

‪■ 1 tsp turmeric‬

‪■ 1 tsp cinnamon‬

‪■ ½ cup split peas‬

‪■ ½ cup rice‬

‪■ 4 cups beef broth‬

‪■ 4 lb diced butternut squash‬

‪■ 2 cups parsley, packed‬

‪■ 2 cups cilantro, packed‬

‪■ 2 cups mint, packed‬

‪■ 2 cups chives, diced‬

‪■ salt & pepper‬

‪■ olive oil‬ Instructions:

‪1. Small dice one of the onions and sauté‬

‪in olive oil until translucent. Add 5 minced‬

‪garlic cloves and ¾ teaspoon of turmeric.‬

‪2. Sauté for 2 to 3 minutes then add‬

‪washed rice and split peas. Add broth‬

‪plus 2 cups of water. Cover and bring to a‬

‪simmer. Cook for 30 minutes on medium‬

‪low.Grate the second onion and mix with‬

‪remaining minced garlic. Add ¼ teaspoon‬

‪turmeric and cinnamon. Season with salt‬

‪and pepper and mix well. Add ground beef‬

‪and massage until the ingredients are well‬

‪incorporated and the meat becomes elas-‬ tic.

‪3. Make meatballs the size of hazelnuts.‬

‪4. Season broth with salt and pepper. Gen-‬

‪tly add meatballs to the simmering pot.‬

‪Continue cooking covered for 30 minutes‬ longer.

‪5. Add rough chopped herbs. Mix well and‬

‪continue cooking for 30 minutes longer.‬

‪6. Add cubed butternut squash and sim-‬

‪mer on low for 1 hour longer.‬

‪7. Finish soup by warming olive oil until‬

‪warm. Turn off flame and add dried mint.‬

‪Allow to infuse for 10 to 15 minutes. Add‬

‪one teaspoon of the infused mint to each‬

‪bowl of soup.‬

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