‪Project Aims to Revive‬ ‪Tourism in Iran’s village of Little People‬

TOURISM - - صفحه اول -

M‪onths of ongoing restoration work in Makhunik‬

‪is seen as a step forward to put Iran’s village of‬

‪little people on the map of sightseers.Restora-‬

‪tion of walls and internal spaces, reinforcement of foun-‬

‪dations and rooftops and modification of water channels‬

‪are amongst the rehabilitation plans, which will continue‬

‪until late July this year, IRNA reported on Monday.The‬

‪scheme also funds a feasibility study on tourism devel-‬

‪opment projects in the region, the report added.The vil-‬

‪lage plays host to some 8,000 domestic travelers and a‬

‪few hundreds of foreign sightseers per annum, based‬

‪on data compiled by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts‬

‪and Tourism Organization.‬

‪Some experts believe that the unique architecture of the‬

‪village and its historical background are still untapped‬

‪potentials for tourism.‬

‪Makhunik was inhabited by people of very short stature‬

‪until about a century ago. Currently, it is home to roughly‬

‪200 adobe dwellings many of them are of exception-‬

‪ally low height.Located 143 km away from Birjand, the‬

‪capital of South Khorasan province, its domestic archi-‬

‪tecture is dominantly characterized with exceptionally‬

‪low-height houses with narrow doorways most of which‬

‪cannot be entered without stooping down.‬

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