‪Cultural Heritage of‬ ‪Semnan to be introduced‬ ‪to Chinese Tourists‬

TOURISM - - جهانسرا -

‪Chinese cultural attache visited the Semnan province and prom-‬

‪ised to introduce the cultural heritage of the Iranian central prov-‬

‪ince to the Chinese tourists.‬

‪The Chinese cultural attache in the embassy in Tehran met with‬

‪the head of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Semnan prov-‬

‪ince this morning, during which he said that Semnan enjoys a‬

‪lot of cultural and tourist attractions that need to be introduced‬

‪to the Chinese tourists. She added that introducing the cultural‬

‪heritage of Semnan to Chinese tourists can be effective in trans-‬

‪forming tourism relations between the two countries.‬

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