‪Anniversary of Global Registra‬

TOURISM - - جهانسرا -

‪events occurred in Yazd culture, and special ceremo-‬

‪nies such as wedding rituals will be put on display.‬

‪On rising arrival of foreign tourists to Yazd, he said‬

‪the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) —‬

‪the landmark nuclear deal signed between Iran and‬

‪the world major powers in July 2015— was very ef-‬

‪fective in rise in number of foreign tourists to Yazd.‬

‪The global registration of Yazd also accelerated the‬

‪trend of arrival of foreign tourists to Yazd, he added.‬

‪Fatemi continued that the number of foreign tourists‬

‪grew to 110,000 in the year to mid-March 2018, in-‬

‪dicating a 32-percent rise compared to the year to‬

‪mid-March 2017.‬

‪Yazd along with Shiraz and Isfahan have drawn the‬

‪highest number of foreign tourists particularly Euro-‬

‪peans, he said, adding, “This indicates the high posi-‬

‪tion of Yazd in tourism field.‬

‪For example, sand sculptures festival and date fes-‬

‪tival will be held in Bafq, he added. On designation‬

‪of days of Global Registration of Yazd Week, he said‬

‪the first day is marked as ‘Day of Yazd Culture and‬

‪Art and Music Festival of Desert Dwellers’. The sec-‬

‪ond day is Day of Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh Ritu-‬

‪als and practicing paragliding. The third day, which‬

‪is concurrent with Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam‬

‪Ja’far Sadeq (PUBH) — sixth Imam of Shias — will‬

‪be held at Iranshahr Husseinieh in Yazd, accompa-‬

‪nied with Nakhl-Gardani ceremonies.‬

‪The fourth day is known as ‘Day of Coexistence of‬

‪Religions’, in which Jews and Zoroastrians will hold‬

‪programs alongside Muslims. The fifth day is ‘Day‬

‪of Art and Architecture’. The street carnival will be‬

‪held across the city on the sixth and seventh days,‬

‪he said, adding Yazdi characters and personalities,‬

‪festival for celebrating global registration of‬

‪Yazd historical city will be held concurrent‬

‪with the anniversary of this important event,‬

‪said director general of Yazd Cultural Heritage,‬

‪Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. Seyyed Mo-‬

‪stafa Fatemi told Iran Daily that street carnival will be‬

‪held on the sidelines of the event. UNESCO added‬

‪the historical texture of Yazd in central Iran to its list‬

‪of world heritage sites.‬

‪The site was inscribed on the world heritage list‬

‪during the 41st session of UNSCO’s World Herit-‬

‪age Committee in Krakow, Poland, on July 9, 2017.‬

‪Fatemi also said that a ceremony is to be held annu-‬

‪ally to commemorate the global registration of Yazd.‬

‪In addition, a summer festival will be held in Yazd,‬

‪he said. He explained that the programs will start in‬

‪provincial cities as of June 22 and run until Sept. 6.‬

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