‪Iran’ Magazine Pub-’‬ ‪lished in Japanese‬

TOURISM - - پرسه -

‪A magazine titled ‘Iran’ was compiled and published in Japa-‬

‪nese in Tokyo to mark the country’s culture and civilization.‬

‪‘Iran’ has a section introducing the country’s map, flag, religion,‬

‪demography, seasons and calendar. The other sections include‬

‪economy, agriculture, art and culture, sports, cinema, cuisine,‬

‪handicrafts, technological progress and women’s achievements‬

‪in the fields of music and sports. In an article devoted to the‬

‪country’s history from the ancient time to the present, histori-‬

‪cal objects registered in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List are‬

‪mentioned. Sponsored by Iran’s Cultural Center in Japan, the‬

‪40-page magazine promotes Tehran-Tokyo relations.‬

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