Mansion ‪Northeast of Iran‬

TOURISM - - پرسه -

‪Mostazafan Institution and it was turned‬

‪into a cultural complex. However, it is‬

‪now used as a part of the Administra-‬

‪tion of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts‬

‪and Tourism and its cultural and tourist‬

‪application is lost.‬

‪This monument was registered as one‬

‪of the national monuments of Iran.‬

‪hall and most of the decorations in the‬

‪rooms and halls are molding and mirror‬

‪works. This mansion was established in‬

‪1315 Hijri by the order of Ismail Khan‬

‪and was used as the position of gov-‬ ernance.

‪The complex was purchased by Iran’s‬

‪Cultural Heritage Organization from‬

‪of a garden, mansion, numerous ware-‬

‪houses, pond, servants’ rooms, watch-‬

‪towers, etc. The main mansion of this‬

‪garden has two floors. The ground floor‬

‪includes warehouses and the service‬

‪section and the first floor includes sev-‬

‪eral vast halls and attached rooms. The‬

‪major part of this mansion is the mirror‬

‪ahim Abad Mansion and Garden‬

‪is in Birjand City and is one of the‬

‪beautiful gardens of Iran in a vil-‬

‪lage with the same name.‬

‪Rahim Abad Mansion and Garden en-‬

‪joys special position among Iranian‬

‪gardens for its special architecture and‬

‪decorations. This complex is comprised‬

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