Beg­gars ar­rested in Kur­dis­tan

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The Anti-beg­gary Unit in Suleimaniya ar­rested 23 beg­gars on Fe­bru­ary 8 by in­ten­si­fy­ing their cam­paigns in co­or­di­na­tion with con­cerned au­thor­i­ties. The Di­rec­tor of the Unit, Bes­tun Ab­dul­rah­man said, “The num­ber of those ar­rested amounted to 23 to­day. Chil­dren, women and aged men con­sti­tute the ma­jor­ity of them”. He also said that the Unit has in­ten­si­fied plans to ar­rest beg­gars, and take nec­es­sary ac­tion against them, “The Suleimaniya so­cial af­fairs Unit will find suit­able places for those who are not able to work, so they can live com­fort­ably”.

Beg­ging has be­come a so­cial prob­lem in Kur­dis­tan re­gion, par­tic­u­larly af­ter thou­sands of Syr­ian peo­ple fled to Kur­dis­tan, due to po­lit­i­cal in­sta­bil­ity in Syria. The refugees have in­creased dra­mat­i­cally in the past months. Due to the lack of jobs avail­able, and ac­com­mo­da­tion, many Syr­ian Kurds have re­sorted to beg­ging. Although there are many char­ity groups set-up to help the refugees within Mosques, and City cen­tres, beg­ging still con­tin­ues.

Statis­tics show that the ma­jor­ity of beg­gars are refugees, and most of them gather dur­ing Fri­day sermons out­side Mosques beg­ging for money. The prob­lem is that many of them are chil­dren, who should be in school to re­ceive an ed­u­ca­tion. In­stead, they are de­prived of hav­ing an ed­u­ca­tion, and live off petty cash on the streets. They’re safer in care homes than on the streets, where they will re­ceive clean clothes, com­fort­able en­vi­ron­ment and de­cent food.

The Min­is­ter of La­bor and So­cial Af­fairs deals with beg­gars in the fol­low­ing ways; if he is able to work, he is di­rected to the Bureau of La­bor; an or­phan is di­rected to or­phan­ages; an el­derly is di­rected to the nurs­ing home; if he is vul­ner­a­ble, he is di­rected to the guid­ance and ob­ser­va­tion house; while a woman is di­rected to the el­derly women hous­ing.

This pic­ture shows a woman beg­ging in a street in Sue­li­maniya.

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