Kur­dis­tan to own 65 water dams

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Ac­cord­ing to the most re­cent statis­tics of the Min­istry of Plan­ning of the Kur­dis­tan Re­gional Government (KRG), the re­gion will have 65 dif­fer­ent-sized water dams in the coming few years. Some of th­ese dams have al­ready been con­structed, and the rest are ei­ther un­der con­struc­tion or planned to be con­structed.

Dr. Ali Sindi, KRG’s Plan­ning Min­is­ter, ex­plained in­side the par­lia­ment hall dur­ing a ses­sion about the re­gion’s 2013 bud­get draft, that his government has given a spe­cial con­sid­er­a­tion to the agri­cul­ture sec­tor in the bud­get.

An­swer­ing the ques­tions of some MPs about the projects, Min­is­ter Sindi said they are busy with con­struct­ing a large num­ber of dams all over the re­gion.

In ad­di­tion to the River Ti­gris, there are 5 other rivers in­side Kur­dis­tan Re­gion in­clud­ing Greater Zab, Smaller Zab, Fishkha­bor, Sir­wan and Awaspi River, which have a col­lec­tive length of 1,800 kilo­me­ters.

Roughly 45% of the sources of the rivers are in­side the re­gion.

Us­ing the rivers for agri­cul­tural devel­op­ment

Plan­ning Min­is­ter stated that in the past the river water has mainly been used for drink­ing in ad­di­tion to lim­ited agri­cul­tural use in lands lo­cated near the rivers, “but we will try to use the rivers for de­vel­op­ing the agri­cul­ture sec­tor.”

There are cur­rently 8 op­er­at­ing dams with a to­tal ca­pac­ity of about 11 bil­lion cu­bic me­ter.

“The dams cur­rently un­der con­struc­tion are low in ca­pac­ity,” said Min­is­ter Sindi. “The to­tal ca­pac­ity of all the dams is 90 bil­lion cu­bic me­ter.”

There are a num­ber of old dams in the re­gion with large ca­pac­ity such as the Dokan and Dar­bandikhan dams, with a ca­pac­ity of 6.8 bil­lion cu­bic me­ter and 3 bil­lion cu­bic me­ter re­spec­tively.

The new dams, how­ever, have a much lower ca­pac­ity due to bud­get lim­i­ta­tions, and can only be used for agri­cul­tural and ir­ri­ga­tion use un­like the old dams that are used to power gen­er­a­tion as well.

A view of the Dar­bandikhan Dam, south of Suleimaniya. PRESS PHOTO

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