Is Abor­tion Taboo or a Hu­man Right?

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nu­ally for var­i­ous rea­sons, the ques­tion of whether abor­tion should be le­gal or not has be­come syn­ony­mous with ‘taboo’ and ‘dis­hon­or­able’ in many parts of the world.

One mean­ing­ful is­sue with abor­tion is the fact that it ties into re­li­gious and eth­i­cal ques­tions that of­ten en­com­pass pro­found ar­gu­ments in re­gards to hu­man re­la­tion to faith and God. Abor­tion is of­ten looked at through a sin­gle lens but the coin is two sided, you ei­ther are against abor­tion or you learn to ac­cept that some­times it can be a durable so­lu­tion. I can un­der­stand that in some so­ci­eties abor­tion can be a sen­si­tive topic, but my di­ver­gent opin­ion does not over­look the fact that in some cases such as rape, abuse, eco­nom­i­cal con­tain­ment and ill­ness abor­tion is really a piv­otal op­tion to have.

The dis­cus­sion of abor­tion in USA re­mains a con­tro­ver­sial and un­der­rated part of pol­i­tics in states such as Mis­sis­sippi. Be­lieve it or not the state of Mis­sis­sippi, which is home to nearly three mil­lion peo­ple, has only one abor­tion clinic avail- able in Jack­son. The repub­li­can gov­er­nor of Mis­sis­sippi Phil Bryant, has ac­cord­ing to var­i­ous me­dia out­lets ex­pressed that he would shut down the only abor­tion clinic in the state if he was ad­mit­ted by law and de­clare Mis­sis­sippi ‘abor­tion-free’. This just goes to il­lus­trate the di­verse views on abor­tion within USA re­gard­ing abor­tion.

Putting the puz­zle pieces and re­al­ity to­gether shows that abor­tion, whether taboo or a sin, le­gal or il­le­gal is largely wide­spread. The num­ber of abor­tions in Iraq and South­ern Kur­dis­tan is prov­ing dif­fi­cult to track be­cause there are no of­fi­cial statis­tics avail­able doc­u­ment­ing the num­ber of abor­tions that have been op­er­ated.

On a real­is­tic per­spec­tive, or rather the per­spec­tive that I be­lieve is real­is­tic, abor­tion should be seen as a right rather than a crime. In many coun­tries such as Nor­way and Swe­den abor­tion is al­lowed, but there are rea­son­able re­stric­tions which is ap­plied to the pro­ce­dure. For in­stance abor­tion can only take place up to 12 weeks. Be­tween 12-18 weeks how­ever, the com­mit­tee es­tab­lished to in­ves­ti­gate cases that seek abor­tion must be asked to over­look the case.

Many women have a right­ful and valid rea­son to un­dergo abor­tion. Th­ese in­clude vic­tims of rape, and abuse, as well as those with­out eco­nom­i­cal means. Women still con­tinue to face emo­tional dif­fi­cul­ties even af­ter abor­tion, con­se­quently le­gal­iz­ing abor­tion could help them from feel­ing ashamed, and hav­ing to live with ‘life-long’ se­crets.

Fur­ther­more, le­gal­iz­ing abor­tion can help women seek ex­tended pro­fes­sional and su­per­vised health as­sis­tance, thus pre­vent se­ri­ous health is­sues that can po­ten­tially con­strain a woman from liv­ing a nor­mal life. Lets not over­look the many in­stances where women are forced into car­ry­ing a child to birth and then are forced to aban­don the baby in front of mosques and pub­lic places. Th­ese have in­evitably long term con­se­quences not only for the child or the mother but also for the so­ci­ety as a whole.

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