Kur­dish ac­tivists must unite

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The un­for­tu­nate im­age of Kur­dish ac­tivists as ‘weak’ is one that we per­pet­u­ate be­cause of our fail­ure to unite. We are not suc­cess­ful be­cause we have not united our ef­forts. We are thou­sands in num­bers, but few act as col­lab­o­ra­tors. There are Face­book groups that have at­tracted thou­sands of mem­bers, but only few col­lab­o­rate to­gether as a force for change.

There are hun­dreds of young Kur­dish men and women who are ac­tively seek­ing to raise aware­ness about Kur­dish rights. Th­ese ac­tivists have failed to work to­gether for many rea­sons. Some be­cause they want their own rep­u­ta­tion to shine, while oth­ers are in­ca­pable of shar­ing a plat­form with some­one else. This has led to jeal­ousy, dis­trust and mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion among ac­tivists.

One of the ma­jor ob­sta­cles that I have faced while work­ing with Kur­dish ac­tivists or young Kurds who are ‘ac­tive’ but don’t want to la­bel them­selves as ‘ac­tivist’ be­cause they be­lieve the term has too much of a re­spon­si­bil­ity to hold, is the lack of tol­er­ance. We sim­ply don’t ap­pre­ci­ate that there are peo­ple who are equally re­spectable, but share dif­fer­ent so­cio-po­lit­i­cal views. This hin­ders us from pro­gress­ing, and work­ing to­gether.

The aim of Kur­dish ac­tivists is to raise aware­ness about the Hu­man rights vi­o­la­tions of Kur­dish peo­ple wher­ever they may be sit­u­ated, and to en­sure they have ac­cess to help. The aim is straight­for­ward; but the means are of­ten not.

If you are Kur­dish and you really want to help pro­mote Kur­dish rights, start by ap­pre­ci­at­ing that there are peo­ple who are work­ing to make a change. Af­ter this, be­come part of that change. Work with them, of­fer to help them, and if you are ac­tu­ally part of a move­ment that helps Kur­dish peo­ple, be in­clu­sive of other Kurds who can join your cause. One quote that I came across re­cently really opened my eyes, and in­spired writ­ing this is ‘To be­lieve in some­thing, and not to live it, is dis­hon­est,’ by Ma­hatma Gandhi. Let’s start be­ing hon­est, if we be­lieve in pre­serv­ing Kur­dish rights (and in most cases their lives), then we must live by the stan­dards we be­lieve in and start work­ing to­gether col­lec­tively. Any ha­tred to­wards oth­ers who are also ac­tive is sim­ply a waste of time, and con­sumes ones en­ergy with­out rea­son.

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