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that pizza and ke­bab prod­ucts have now been con­firmed to con­tain more than 60% of pork.

It seems as though the en­tire meat in­dus­try is cur­rently the out­most un­re­li­able mar­ket, and re­gain­ing that trust will in­deed take a while. Con­sumers are out­raged, my­self in­cluded. And quite right­fully so, I be­lieve that th­ese com­pa­nies de­serve to be pun­ished for th­ese scan­dals and the mis­trust they have caused, par­tic­u­larly con­sid­er­ing that th­ese prod­ucts are be­ing used as a sub­sti­tute for gen­uine beef. The re­sults of a re­cent con­sumer group sur­vey re­vealed that more than half of the UK con­sumers are not only ex­tra cau­tious with buy­ing pro­cessed food and meat, but they have changed their shop­ping habits due to con­tin­u­ous meat scan­dals across Europe. The lack of ef­fort to feed con­sumers what they pay for raises mo­ral and eth­i­cal is­sues, most im­por­tant how­ever it cen­ters the ques­tion of the right to truth­ful in­for­ma­tion in re­gards to the most es­sen­tial hu­man right, the right to food. The West has for decades, and con­tin­ues to ad­vo­cate for hu­man rights and hon­esty yet the food reg­u­la­tions are so poor that for god knows how long we have been fed prod­ucts we did not pay for.

The Nor­we­gian Food Safety Author­ity found that 30% of what is la­beled as ‘ha­lal’ meat in the coun­try is in fact pork. Shock­ingly, it re­mains un­cer­tain for how long th­ese meat prod­ucts have been on the mar­ket. If the au­thor­i­ties had done their job prop­erly such scan­dal could have been con­tained if not pre­vented from the be­gin­ning.

It is time for the Euro­pean food au­thor­i­ties to en­sure that the reg­u­la­tory frame­work is ef­fi­ciently mon­i­tor­ing the food in­dus­try and puts a fi­nal end to the meat con­tro­versy.

Mean­while re­search shows that for many con­sumers the meat aisle has be­come a haz­ard part of the stores, and if it con­tin­ues it will cost the meat in­dus­try more than just their rep­u­ta­tion.

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