Kur­dis­tan Jour­nal­ists’ Man­i­fest in the (115)th An­niver­sary of Kur­dish Jour­nal­ism

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In 22nd of April 1898 the first Kur­dish news­pa­per en­ti­tled (Kur­dis­tan) was pub­lished by the pi­o­neers of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ists (Miq­dad Mad­had Badirkhan & Ab­dul-Al­rah­man Badirkhan). From then Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism have passed through many bright phases and some­times passed through op­posed lev­els. Gen­er­ally, jour­nal­ism has passed through con­tin­u­ous de­vel­op­ments.

In 22nd of April, it is the 115th an­niver­sary of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism. In the new oc­ca­sion, in a new form, in a good level with a state-of-the-art tech­nolo­gies with a good abil­i­ties and qual­i­ties. The per­va­sive­ness of jour­nal­ism in all as­pects of medium has been de­vel­oped. And at last be­came a ‘job’ de­spite its bar­ri­ers and re­li­a­bil­i­ties. It is an es­sen­tial job, in that the effect of medium (gen­er­ally) in day-to-day life has passed al­most all lim­i­ta­tions. It has ef­fected not only on pol­i­tics, eco­nom­ics, so­cial, psy­cho­log­i­cal, etc. but also it has an effect on the change of the na­tions. In this way, the job of jour­nal­ism be­came a con­tin­u­ous part in the so­ci­ety and lives of in­di­vid­u­als.

Kur­dis­tan News­pa­per’s words be­came a beam of light in Cairo, and now con­nected all Kur­dish na­tion(s) and con­nected the Kur­dish na­tion to the whole world.

In the changes of the south Kur­dis­tan, in 1991 up to now, this field has de­vel­oped very much and is de­vel­op­ing on the right path con­tin­u­ously. It is clear that this de­vel­op­ment, on its frame, is due to the laws, widen­ing the free­dom, es­pe­cially the free­dom of speech. The level of this de­vel­op­ment, the work of jour­nal­ism has nu­mer­ous bar­ri­ers. Some of them can be solved via the form of ‘chang­ing laws’ or fill­ing the le­gal gaps. But the oth­ers may re­late to the sys­tem or the po­lit­i­cal sit­u­a­tions in Kur­dis­tan, or area. The job it­self con­cerns the rights of jour­nal­ists and the du­ties of jour­nal­ists, which can need the gen­eral abil­i­ties and pro­longed time.

In 22nd of April, Kur­dis­tan’s jour­nal­ists, in ev­ery part of Kur­dis­tan or the world, can point his finger to the de­vel­op­ment of jour­nal­ism in his/her re­gion. Si­mul­ta­ne­ously, through his/her job can par­tic­i­pate the re­gional at­tempts, po­lit­i­cal, so­cial, eco­nom­i­cal at­tempts. More­over, they can co­op­er­ate for de­vel­op­ing the jour- nal­ism, de­spite their co­op­er­a­tion with their peers within (Kur­dish or for­eign) jour­nal­ists. This is to be­come an of­fi­cial per­son in ex­press­ing the speech and try­ing for gain­ing the rights, life, and hon­ored life of jour­nal­ists.

How­ever, the Syn­di­cate of Jour­nal­ists in Kur­dis­tan will con­grat­u­late the day of jour­nal­ism to all jour­nal­ists in Kur­dis­tan. At the same time, asks all jour­nal­ists of Kur­dis­tan to co­op­er­ate the project of (the Fed­er­a­tion of Jour­nal­ism in Kur­dis­tan) to be suc­cess­ful. Thus, pay at­ten­tion to jour­nal­ism, the free­dom of writ­ing, and the free­dom of jour­nal­ism. They in­sist to sup­port all jour­nal­ists in Kur­dis­tan within the fed­er­a­tion. Though this project has passed through some prac­ti­cal phases.

Fur­ther­more, the coun­cil of syn­di­cate of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism, in its 115th an­nual of Kur­dis­tan Pa­per, will an­nounce the golden prize of (Miq­dad Badirkhan) to jour­nal­ists. This prize con­sists of two an­nual prizes given to two jour­nal­ists. One to a Kur­dish jour­nal­ist and one to a for­eign jour­nal­ist whom they per­sist the prob­lems of Kur­dish na­tion, free­dom of speech, hu­man rights, and de­vel­op­ing democ­racy, and pro­tect­ing the so­cial equal­iza­tion to peo­ple.

To re­main the val­ues and rep­u­ta­tion of the prizes, the coun­cil of syn­di­cate of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism, by ex­chang­ing the ideas of spe­cial­ists whom they know about in­ter­na­tional prizes, a group will be in­di­cated. The first point of this group is not to be with any party within syn­di­cate of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism. For that, there will be a good re­fin­ery for nominees to be judged in both moral and morale val­ues, for Miq­dad Badirkhan golden prizes.

Kur­dis­tan Jour­nal­ists

The work of jour­nal­ism in Kur­dis­tan Re­gion, rather than other parts of Kur­dis­tan, is de­vel­op­ing day af­ter day. Those fast paces in the field of tech­ni­cal and tech­no­log­i­cal de­vel­op­ments have been made. This reached Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism. How­ever, the syn­di­cate of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism has be­came the owner of many le­gal projects then those projects be­came the law. By Kur­dis­tan Par­lia­ment, this should be pro­gressed to have a good en­vi­ron­ment in jour­nal­ism. Since the work of jour­nal­ism will face nu­mer­ous ob­sta­cles.

The im­pact of medium, gen­er­ally, and its de­vel­op­ment in quan­tity com­pleted its du­ties. How­ever, the qual­ity type, it is not like as it is to be. This short­age is the duty of all of us to be im­proved. In one hand, ex­pand­ing free­dom, fit­ting the steps of democ­racy, watch­ing free­dom in its orig­i­nal place, are great du­ties which are the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of the jour­nal­ists. Jour­nal­ists will al­ways fight with other forces and par­ties in pol­i­tics, so­cial, and econ­omy. For this rea­son, the six-month-re­port of sup­port com­mit­tee for rights of jour­nal­ists in the coun­cil of syn­di­cate of Kur­dis­tan jour­nal­ism is an orig­i­nal part of this op­pose. De­spite of avail­abil­ity of laws, a huge num­ber of news­pa­per or­ga­ni­za­tions with con­tin­u­ous prom­ises by top-of­fi­cials in Re­gional Govern­ment, there are still pun­ish­ment for jour­nal­ists. Hence, in this man­i­fest we are deal­ing with the fol­low­ing:

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