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Price of Haidary’s books and in­for­ma­tion is only a thank

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Those who doesn't know Mom­taz will view him as a per­son iso­lated from cul­ture and jour­nal­ism. He is a hum­ble man, hos­pi­tal to guests; his li­brary is al­ways open to writ­ers, jour­nal­ists and academics. I al­ways call him the pres­i­dent of the repub­lic be­cause when­ever he pre­sented his books and mag­a­zines to any­one, he would put a stamp on them writ­ten 'The Repub­lic of Kur­dis­tan'. That's why I call him the pres­i­dent of Mom­taz Haidary Li­brary's Repub­lic in Azadi Quar­ter.

Mom­taz Haidary has a well­known per­son­al­ity in Hawler, as a book pre­server, and adorer of the Kur­dish word. It's true that he started writ­ing since six­ties of the last cen­tury, but he is al­ways called across Kur­dis­tan as owner of a big li­brary full of doc­u­ments, pho­tos and sources for re­search.

The li­brary of Mom­taz has a long his­tory, his fa­thers and grand­fa­thers had books, his brothers had been known across Iraq for prac­tic­ing pol­i­tics and col­lect­ing books in Le­banon. He says he re­mem­bers when he bought a book for the first time by ten Filses. He has started buy­ing and col­lect­ing books in 1955 and es­tab­lished a li­brary. Al­though his li­brary due to the po­lit­i­cal sit­u­a­tions has been de­mol­ished by the Regime twice, but we can say he has re-es­tab­lished his li­brary in Azadi Quar­ter in Ir­bil with 200 books in 1970. At present time the li­brary has about 20 thou­sands of books, news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, rare pho­tos and doc­u­ments. He en­larged his per­sonal li­brary two years ago and de­voted a spe­cial place to it in his house. He spends what­ever he gains on books. When­ever he trav­els to some­where, he brings some books. He is of a young man­ner, al­ways puts a flower on his lapel and he is a lover, but in the hu­man sense. He is hum­ble and al­ways seeks for crit­i­cism. He a good friend in need, and has no harms for any­one. Just knock at his door and you can get things in his li­brary, heart and rich mem­o­ries, he al­ways serves for free, price of any book and any

books are a source of life

— Mom­taz Haidary

help is only a thank.

Mom­taz Haidary has been is­su­ing and print­ing two sea­sonal mag­a­zines for five years. The first one is (K21). This mag­a­zine, which is the only one of its type in its bulk size and con­tent, con­sists of 500 pages for each is­sue, and it has been con­tin­u­ally is­sued for five years. The con­tent is dom­i­nated by doc­u­men­tary. The only per­son who pre­pares topics and pub­lishes them is Mom­taz him­self. He is­sues a women mag­a­zine called 'Layla Qasim, Layla Zana', which is of valu­able con­tent and large num­ber of pages.

Mom­taz Haidary is not only busy with col­lect­ing books and keep­ing sources in Kur­dish, but also more than 150 peo­ple have got ben­e­fit from his per­sonal li­brary for their BA, MA, and PHDs. He helps who­ever wants sources and in­for­ma­tion.

Haidary says book, that for him, is life and civ­i­liza­tion, "Books have been source of hu­man de­vel­op­ment".

He has par­tic­i­pated in Frank­fort In­ter­na­tional Book Fair in Ger- many at his own ex­pense twice. He pub­lishes books now and then. He is a great book lover, and he has a con­stant habit about Kur­dish books, mag­a­zine, and news­pa­pers. When­ever you talk to him, you feel that he has un­lim­ited re­spect for books and pub­li­ca­tions.

He says there are peo­ple who don't value and re­spect his work, "but af­ter 50 years, they will know what I have done, and they will ap­pre­ci­ate my work". This man is right. He looks for books like ants, and he gath­ers doc­u­ments and topics for his mag­a­zines 'K21' and 'Layla Qasim, Layla Zana' just like ants.

Mom­taz Haidary

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