Elec­tric­ity Smart Sys­tem to be im­ple­mented

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Of­fi­cial spokesper­son of the Min­istry of Elec­tric­ity (MOE) of the Kur­dis­tan Re­gional Govern­ment (KRG) Di­yar Ba­ban an­nounced that the smart power meter project is go­ing to be im­ple­mented in all the three prov­inces of Kur­dis­tan Re­gion start­ing im­me­di­ately af­ter the Eid al Adha hol­i­days.

This is an ef­fort to pre­vent the elec­tric­ity waste and equal­ity and charges on con­sumers.

Ba­ban told a lo­cal Kur­dish news agency that all the prepa­ra­tions of the project have been com­pleted and his min­istry is now ready to sign a con­tract with a pri­vate sec­tor com­pany to im­ple­ment the project.

“Ac­cord­ing to the con­tract, smart power me­ters will be in­stalled for 1.2 mil­lion elec­tric­ity sub­scribers in all three prov­inces of the Re­gion,” Ba­ban told the news agency. “There will be a cen­tral sys­tem at the Min­istry’s elec­tric­ity con­trol unit to con­trol any is­sues in the sys­tem and iden­ti­fy­ing any breaches and mis­uses of elec­tric­ity by the sub­scribers.” MOE Spokesper­son stated that this sys­tem would have a strong and im­por­tant im­pact on pre­vent­ing waste and mis­use of elec­tric­ity in the re­gion as well as a fair and equal ba­sis on charg­ing sub­scribers for elec­tric­ity con­sump­tion.

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