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Kur­dish ed­u­ca­tion in'Shin­gal' , a dis­puted area ac­cord­ing to ar­ti­cle 140 of the Iraqi con­sti­tu­tion , that lies 120km in the north of Mo­sul was banned many years ago dur­ing the Sad­dam's regime till the fall of it . Now many schools have been built in the area and the ma­jor­ity are Kur­dish ones , though Shin­gal con­sid­ers as a dis­puted area much sup­port is be­ing done by the Kur­dis­tan Re­gional Gov­ern­ment KRG .Shin­gal's cit­i­zen were very happy for the sup­port that was done by Kur­dis­tan re­gional gov­ern­ment by build­ing in­sti­tu­tions and schools and giv­ing the cit­i­zen the needed steps that they were in need many years ago , but some schools still lacks of sup­port and in need of be­ing ren­o­vated. Re­cent events of heavy rain­ing in all around Kur­dis­tan;Shin­gal has suf­fered the most in terms of ed­u­ca­tion and schools be­cause many schools were built from mud that could not re­sist the rain . Ed­u­ca­tional source said that the Kur­dish study in Shin­gal has been stopped in schools that were built from mud be­cause of the heavy rain . Kha­laf Haji the di­rec­tor of in­for­ma­tion of the direc­torate of Shin­gal's ed­u­ca­tion said that '' the halt­ing of Kur­dish study in schools that were built from mud in Shin­gal be­cause of the heavy rain was a de­ci­sion from min­istry of ed­u­ca­tion with a per­mis­sion from direc­torate –gen­eral of ed­u­ca­tion in Duhok,'' There are many schools in Shin­gal that are still built from mud , so we have to halt the study in the days of heavy rain­ing and call the direc­torate –gen­eral of ed­u­ca­tion in Duhok and in­form them the ne­ces­sity of halt­ing the study in the men­tioned schools , added Haji.

Haji also men­tioned

'' this, ef- fects pos­i­tively on Kur­dish study in Shin­galIn terms ofthe de­lay in­com­plet­ing thep­re­scribed­cur­ricu­lum and ef­fects psy­cho­log­i­cal prob­lems on stu­dents who are study­ing their mother lan­guage . the schools were in a very bad con­di­tion that no stu­dent could at­tend it , drops of wa­ter were trick­ling from the ceil­ing and walls were be­ing changed into mud and fall­ing down to the ground . num­ber of pri­mary school stu­dent were try­ing to at­tend their schools but be­cause of the bad con­di­tions of their schools they headed back to their homes hope­lessly wait­ing the ren­o­vat­ing of schools . Sak­vanKha­laf , a 9 years pri­mary school stu­dent said '' I couldn't at­tend my school for three days be­cause the heavy rain af­fect my school and wa­ter was in ev­ery­where in the school, the schools are built from mud so when­ever rains falls we stay at homes,addedKha­laf. If the ar­ti­cle 140 of the Iraqi con­sti­tu­tion im­ple­mented and Shin­gal con­joint to Kur­dis­tan Re­gional Gov­ern­ment which is a dream of ev­ery Shin­gali cit­i­zen then it would be a dif­fer- ent mat­ter and Shin­gal will have fall ser­vices in terms of ed­u­ca­tion and build­ing new schools though the re­gional gov­ern­ment has built many projects and in­sti­tu­tions. Has­san Ali a Shin­gali cit­i­zen ex­pressed his sad­ness for Shin­gal is still a dis­puted area,'' I wish as soon as pos­si­ble ar­ti­cle 140 of the Iraqi con­sti­tu­tion im­ple­ment and Shin­gal con­join the re­gional gov­ern­ment so as to be in­de­pen­dent and have full ser­vices , added Ali

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