Heavy Rains spreads fear among peo­ple in Kur­dis­tan

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Has­san Shin­gali

The heavy rains that have swept Kur­dis­tan have led to the de­struc­tion of many houses and caused the deaths of sev­eral peo­ple around Kur­dis­tan. Do­huk, Er­bil and Su­lai­ma­nia were the prov­inces most af­fected by the rain. The Duhok sub-dis­trict of Shekhan an­nounced on Thurs­day that seven peo­ple had drowned, among them two chil­dren, be­cause of the flood that swept the dis­trict caus­ing ma­te­rial losses, too. In the end, one of the chil­dren was found.

Is­maeel Mustafa, Shekhan's sur­ro­gate, said the flood had caused the death of four peo­ple from the Baadra dis­trict. “The flood led to the death of four peo­ple from the same fam­ily. Their car was car­ried away by the flood wa­ters and has yet to be found. In ad­di­tion, a 45-year-old man drowned.” Mustafa added that the floods has caused ma­te­rial losses, in­clud­ing the loss of the bridge be­tween Duhok and Atrosh and there are fears that Baadre bridge will fall apart if the rain con­tin­ues.

The heavy rains have also led to the death of four peo­ple from Bashiqa. The de­ceased were on their way home from Duhok when they drowned in Baadre. A good many houses have been de­stroyed in Baadre, too, and peo­ple have rushed to their rel­a­tives for shel­ter. In ad­di­tion, many cars have been car­ried away by the wa­ter.

Duhok prov­ince has faced the same is­sues with heavy rain. In the Baroshke neigh­bor­hood, many houses filled with wa­ter and a num­ber of cars were smashed, lead­ing to the death of seven peo­ple and in­jur­ing sev­eral oth­ers. Be­cause of the heavy rains, Thurs­day was an­nounced an of­fi­cial hol­i­day for schools and col­leges in Duhok prov­ince.

Ari, a cit­i­zen of Duhok, said: “I could not at­tend my col­lege be­cause the streets were filled with wa­ter and no one could travel out­side their homes. I was shocked by the heavy rains and their effect on the streets, col­lege and work”.

Zakho, Shin­gal, Bahzani, Akre and other places were also af­fected.

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