DNO Com­pany will have an­other petroleum pipe­line:

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The Nor­we­gian com­pany DNO is plan­ning to build a crude petroleum pipe­line from the Tawkey oil field to the borders of the Kur­dis­tan re­gion and into Turkey to in­crease their oil pro­duc­tion rate. Ac­cord­ing to the com­pany, the sec­ond pipe­line will run from Tawkey to Vich­abour. The com­pany is seek­ing to in­crease its Tawkey oil pro­duc­tion from 155 000 to 200 000 bar­rels a day.

The Tawkey field is ex­pected to have one milliard of spear oil in place. The Nor­we­gian Com­pany will de­velop the area into an ac­tive oil pro­duc­tion field. The crude oil pipe­line from Tawkey to Vich­abourin is set to have the same ca­pac­ity as the Kur­dis­tan oil pipe­line which cur­rently de­liv­ers Kur­dis­tani oil to Europe’s borders through Turkey.

It is pre­dicted that oil pro­duc­tion in Tawkey will in­crease, and the com­pany ex­pects the rate of pro­duc­tion to reach 200 000 bar­rels per day by the end of the year; af­ter that, it will in­crease to 270 000 bar­rels. DNO has also said it will do any­thing it takes to in­crease the pro­duc­tion rate.

DNO only started de­vel­op­ing the Tawkey field a cou­ple of months ago, and has al­ready in­creased the rate of pro­duc­tion. In an­other an­nounce­ment, the com­pany stated that they will make their data avail­able world­wide with a view to boost­ing DNO’s pro­duc­tion rate.

Beezhan Mooza­far Rah­mani, the CEO of the com­pany, af­firmed that “2013 was a good year for our com­pany. We achieved much dur­ing the year, in­clud­ing hor­i­zon­tal drilling in the Tawkey field.” Rah­mani also said the com­pany had plans to de­velop and in­crease the oil pro­duc­tion rate in the Kur­dis­tan Re­gion dur­ing 2014. He be­lieves the fu­ture of the cur­rent field is very bright.

Kur­dis­tani oil was for­merly ex­ported by tanker to Turkey, but a spe­cial oil pipe­line was opened at the be­gin­ning of this year which can trans­port nearly 425 000 bar­rels of oil a day to Turkey.

Once the Kur­dis­tan oil pipe­line is fin­ished, the oil com­pa­nies will con­tinue de­vel­op­ing their own fields.

Tawkey oil field is lo­cated to the north of Duhok. The DNO Com­pany owns a 55% share of the field.

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