Pesh­marga in Shin­gal are ready to fight for their land

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Has­san Shin­gali

Daash, or ISIS the Is­lamic State in Iraq and Sham, has spread fear among people in dif­fer­ent places in the west and the north parts of Iraq. Mo­sul is one of the lat­est Iraqi prov­inces that came un­der the con­trol of ISIS. Not only Mo­sul but Daash fighters are head­ing to­wards other places as well like Tala­far, Shin­gal and Kirkuk. The Iraqi po­lice and army have aban­doned the bat­tle field and handed over their weapons to Daash and fled home to Mo­sul and other ar­eas. The same sce­nario re­peated it­self in Tala­far and Shin­gal. The only re­main­ing army in those hot places is the Kur­dish Pesh­marga forces who stayed and are more than ready to fight for their land and people. In Shin­gal, 120 km far from Mo­sul, Daash group tried to in­fil­trate to the area but the Pesh­marga forces re­pelled their on­slaught and forced them to with­draw. Around 11 thou­sand Pesh­marga forces headed to­ward Shin­gal to se­cure the area and its people. Most of the Iraqi bor­der guards in Rabiaa area near the Syr­ian bor­der fled and left their am­mu­ni­tions to the Pesh­marga forces fear­ing from Daash group. Rabiaa now is un­der the con­trol of Pesh­marga.

As a re­sult of the co­op­er­a­tion be­tween the cit­i­zens of Shin­gal and the Pesh­marga the town is now safe and quiet. The Pesh­marga soldiers con- trol ev­ery check point. "I am a Shin­gali and I have to fight for the sake of my land and help the Pesh­marga who came to my town to de­fend us, I will be proud if I die for the Pesh­marga and for my town," added Has­san, a Shin­gali cit­i­zen .

With the es­ca­la­tion of vi­o­lence and fear from the Daash group the Pesh­marga in Kirkuk, Shin­gal and the ar­eas around are con­stantly on high alert for any even­tu­al­ity. The Kur­dish cities and towns are pro­tected now. These ter­ri­to­ries and its people have long hoped to con­join Kur­dis­tan. The day seems not far away to re­al­ize this le­git­i­mate dream. One Shin­gali cit­i­zen could es­cape from the hands of the Daash in one of the far away ar­eas from the Shin­gal town. He hid un­der a pile of straw till Daash left the area. Me­shal Kha­laf 29-year-old said:'' I vis­ited one of my friends away from Shin­gal, but when I re­turned Daash was af­ter me, I tried my best to hide un­der a pile of straw till night, af­ter they left I headed to­ward Pesh­marga and they saved me. If the Pesh­marga were not there, I would be killed by the Daash for sure, there­fore long live Pesh­marga, '' shouted Kha­laf.

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