Fer­had Pir­bal, from Academy to Act­ing

Fer­had Pir­bal, the seven-masked man in (6+1) film

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To sum up the stages of Fer­had Par­ball's life, his life­style and per­sonal de­meanor in a re­port is a chal­leng­ing task. He’s a lec­turer at the Sala­hadin Univer­sity in the Kur­dis­tan Re­gion’s cap­i­tal Er­bil. Pir­bal has pub­lished 76 books that in­clude re­search, po­etry, short sto­ries and nov­els. To be more con­cise, Fer­had Pir­bal wan­ders as or­di­nary people in the street, talks and eats with his friends, but when ex­press­ing his opin­ion, he never ap­pears like the or­di­nary people. He speaks the lan­guage of the old farm­ers or or­di­nary people and vil­lagers of Er­bil. He of­ten tries to crit­i­cize the author­ity. In his ac­tions, he puts smile on peo­ples’ faces and at the same mo­ment raises im­por­tant ques­tions.

Pir­bal was born in Er­bil. He was sent out by the Kur­dis­tan Revo­lu­tion to Sor­bon - France in the mid-eight­ies and got PhD in lit­er­a­ture. He was the first Kur­dish au­thor and in­tel­lec­tual to re­turn to Kur­dis­tan af­ter the 1991 Spring up­ris­ing of Kur­dis­tan. He has in­tended to start a lit­er­ary and cul­tural revo­lu­tion here; he has al­ways wanted to be him­self. In the meet­ings and the pub­lic gath­er­ings, he doesn’t only want to ad­dress his au­di­ence, but also per­forms a kind of act­ing which grabs the au­di­ence’s at­ten­tion. This might be his ma­jor mo­ti­va­tion to choose act­ing and have a role in a film called (6+1) which is due to be screened on 1 July in cin­e­mas here in the cap­i­tal.

Fer­had Pir­bal told The Kur­dish Globe that nei­ther univer­sity lec­tur­ing, novel, po­etry, short story nor writ­ing was enough to keep him oc­cu­pied, that’s why tak­ing part in a film was the chal­leng­ing ma­jor he was look­ing for. Re­gard­ing choos­ing this field and the op­por­tu­nity given to him, he said: “I’m noth­ing with­out the Kur­dish di­rec­tor Ali Has­san, he’s been work­ing in this field for long, and I would say that work­ing with Has­san and his group, and my par­tic­i­pa­tion for the first time in a film will be a new land­mark for the Kur­dish cin­ema.” He hopes that he will be able to work with the di­rec­tor in the com­ing film called (Ho­tel Europe).

Re­gard­ing the plot of the film, Fer­had Pir­bal stated to The Kur­dish Globe that it’s based on one of his un­pub­lished nov­els called (Awak­en­ing Fa­ther).

Fer­had went on tak­ing about the ti­tle of the film (6+1) and said that there are seven iden­ti­cal char­ac­ters, they’re look­ing for one per­son, but in re­al­ity all the seven people are one. When they think, any of them is in­side the other though they can­not rec­og­nize each other or iden­tify that all the six char­ac­ters are one per­son, the sev­enth. All of them have only one mask, which be­longs to one per­son. Ac­tu­ally this is a philo­soph­i­cal mat­ter: “I was in­spired by the (Bird’s Ut­ter­ance); sto­ries of the Ira­nian writer Faray­doon al-At­tar."

Di­rect­ing such a work is not an easy task in Kur­dis­tan. A philo­soph­i­cal mat­ter, seven per­sons mov­ing around within one per­son, cre­ates prob­lems. The di­rec­tor is on one side, and the main ac­tor, who’s the writer of the plot, thinks of an­other as­pect. Fer­had Pir­bal as the ma­jor char­ac­ter of the film says: “Our prob­lem with the di­rec­tor was that he thought the story and the film were sur­re­alis- tic, while I wrote the story as a philo­soph­i­cal mat­ter. I play roles of all the six char­ac­ters of (6+1), my ap­pear­ance isn’t im­por­tant for the au­di­ence, but they want to know what’s go­ing on in my dream, mind and fan­tasy. I’ve tried to build a new and spe­cial au­di­ence in the Kur­dish cin­ema, an au­di­ence who can per­ceive things con­sciously.”

Dr. Fer­had Pir­bal, who’s a univer­sity lec­turer in Kur­dis­tan, is per­form­ing a hard task by per­form­ing be­cause there are cer­tain people that think such a per­son should not in­volve in act­ing in the cin­ema. Pir­bal sings, tells jokes and laughs, but in such man­dom­i­nat­ing so­ci­ety, pub­lic fig­ures should be­have ac­cord­ingly: talk a lit­tle and even laugh for­mally. “I’ve given up aca­demic work and will de­vote my time to cin­ema. I want to be a per­son in the Kur­dish so­ci­ety who firmly be­lieves in cin­ema, with a strong and deeply-held be­liefs. Even if I failed, it would be much bet­ter than ly­ing around and not achiev­ing suc­cess. How­ever, I will not fail if I can have a film like (6+1) each year.”

Fer­had Pir­bal is ad­ven­tur­ous. Ev­ery now and then he pre­sents some­thing new. He says con­fi­dently that he ven­tures for a more beau­ti­ful and con­scious world.

A univer­sity lec­turer and a new Kur­dish ac­tor could be one of the amaz­ing char­ac­ters of 2014 in the Kur­dish cin­ema, lit­er­a­ture and cul­ture. We re­peat­edly hear that this is Fer­had again, do­ing some­thing un­ex­pected and tak­ing an­other con­tro­ver­sial step… some crit­i­cize him and some oth­ers raise doubts about him, but a few be­lieve that in­ven­tion has never been re­al­ized with­out ad­ven­ture, cri­tique, de­nial and sac­ri­fice. Let’s see if Dr. Fer­had Pir­bal be­comes the splen­did hero of the Kur­dish cin­ema or ……!

H.G. Haasan

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