Go­ran Sabah Ghafour and his new book “Stat­ues”

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Stat­ues is about dic­ta­tor­ship in the MENA re­gion af­ter the Arab Spring that rocked the foun­da­tion of the dic­ta­tors, and it could ap­ply to any dic­ta­to­rial regime in the world. Through 22 chap­ters, the au­thor goes into depth of the po­lit­i­cally and eth­i­cally bank­rupt sys­tems of the Mid­dle East and North Africa. Pola, whose sym­bolic name is The Statue of Move­ment, stands up against the regime and se­cretly plans for an un­prece­dented revo­lu­tion to hap­pen in 2022. This re­flects the con­tin­u­a­tion of parts of the Arab Spring. In a melan­cholic scene, the au­thor­ity ar­rests him, but he never gives up. Be­hind the bars, he di­rects his fol­low­ers to ful­fill his plans and the revo­lu­tion hap­pens on time!

This unique fic­tion ad­dresses the depth of the con­ven­tional be­liefs and cul­tures of the MENA re­gion. The novel in­cludes un­seen, un­heard, and un­touched sto­ries of the Mid­dle East­ern ev­ery­day re­al­ity of both the com­mon peo­ple and top of­fi­cials who run them.

A mix­ture of in­va­sion of power and re­sources, be­lief, kind­ness of self, love, greed, money, oil, alco- hol, reli­gion, sex, women, gam­bling, cor­rup­tion, and wor­ship­ing ev­ery­thing but God, the novel pro­vides the read­ers with an in­tense psy­chic and psy­cho­log­i­cal read­ing of the minds of dif­fer­ent groups in the MENA re­gion.

Go­ran Sabah Ghafour is a nov­el­ist from Iraqi Kur­dis­tan, writ­ing about the deep-rooted is­sues of the Mid­dle East and North Africa. He is a PhD/GTA stu­dent at the Univer­sity of Kansas study­ing jour­nal­ism. He is a Ful­bright Alumni and es­tab­lish­ing mem­ber of the AKnews news agency based in Iraq. His first novel, Pres­i­dent Artery, pub­lished in Iraq by Naza Pub­lish­ers in 2005 and 2010. Iraqi Ful­brighter is his sec­ond novel pub­lished by the Pub­lishAmer­ica in the United States in 2011. He con­sid­ers him­self a hid­den voice and thinks that hid­den voices serve hu­man­ity bet­ter if heard by chance! He is fa­mous in telling his read­ers that if they didn’t en­joy his book, burn it right away, if they en­joyed then be­come his PR and spread the word around. He is a morn­ing per­son get­ting up at 5 a.m. ev­ery­day en­joy­ing calm­ness and beauty of na­ture and gets most of his works done be­fore his read­ers wake up.

He has writ­ten dozens of short sto­ries in my na­tive lan­guage, Kur­dish. Most of them have been pub­lished in lit­er­ary jour­nals.

He is the best writer and trans­la­tor Award Win­ner in Iraq in 2009.

He’s trans­lated 25 books from English to Kur­dish as well as dozens of ar­ti­cles in var­i­ous fields.

He is the co-founder of a think-tank called Future Cen­ter for Youth Is­sues (FCYI) in Iraq. He’s also the board mem­ber of the Kur­dis­tan Em­pow­er­ment Youth Or­ga­ni­za­tion. He highly sup­ported the Campaign 25 in Iraq to lower the age of the MPS to 25. The campaign was run by the FCYI and got into the par­lia­ment which later is­sued a law reg­u­lat­ing the age 25 for mem­bers to run for the par­lia­ment.

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