Zaiton Tells Her Tragic Story After Flee­ing from ISIS

The Kurdish Globe - - FRONT PAGE - By Has­san Shin­gali

Con­trol­ling Shin­gal by the IS forced peo­ple, es­pe­cially Yazidi, to flee in thou­sands. Among the vic­tims were a large num­ber of women and girls. Some of whom were cap­tured by the ter­ror­ists; Zaiton Khalil Ceto tells her tragic story and the way she was ar­rested, tor­tured and fi­nally fled. Zaiton who was born in 1991 in Til Izer said ‘’ We were on the edge of our vil­lage in my un­cle’s farm (12 fam­i­lies) on the 3rd of Au­gust at 8:30 when ISIS came and at­tacked us. There were seven men in their cars. Our men raised white flags and the ter­ror­ists said 'you don’t have to worry be­cause we will not harm you; men have to give us their weapons and cell phones and women have to hand us their gold and money,' after do­ing this they de­manded us to be sep­a­rated; old women would be in a room and the young­sters and girls should be in another room." Ceto added "they took men to another room and they started shoot­ing them. We could hear their scream­ing."

"After killing our men, they took us to Baaj sub-dis­trict by busses and at 12 pm they took us to Mu­sol city and we were about 100 in­di­vid­u­als. Then they put us in a big wed­ding hall in the woods and after that took us to a dark place where we couldn’t see sun­light. We were starv­ing and the doors were closed. They came and de­manded us to con­vert to Is­lam. The IS men had mixed gaso­line with wa­ter be­cause when we took shower we be­came dirt­ier and be­came al­ler­gic." Ceto said that they stayed there for eleven days and then they sep­a­rated women from girls but she stayed with her brother’s wife since she was preg­nant. Ev­ery day they came and took girls by force. Ceto added that they were 700 girls and when one of their high rank­ing men came (Ameer) they took two girls and the way of tak­ing them was by flag­el­lat­ing and hit­ting them by guns since they re­fused to go with them.

Only 15 girls re­mained there. Then they took me back with other 20 hand­i­capped girls and women to Baaj sub-distric in which I stayed for 8 days. There in Baaj one of the girls com­mit­ted sui­cide be­cause she couldn’t stand any­more. All the time we were cry­ing and scream­ing, no food or elec­tric­ity. We were then moved to Tell Banat, one of Yazidi com­plexes in south Shin­gal; a man came and said that they are tak­ing me with other 3 girls to the Mount Shin­gal so that we could re­join those who fled, but un­for­tu­nately they de­ceived us and sold two of my friends, and brought me back to the com­plex. That night I could make my way to the Shin­gal Mount and was saved by peo­ple who are fight­ing in the moun­tain.

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