Shaqami Dr Qas­simlu

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"Shaqami Dr Qas­simlu", or bet­ter known in English as "Dr Qas­simlu Street", is a ninety minute film that em­barks on a tale of love, drama, and fan­tasy, en­snar­ing the viewer and tak­ing them into an en­tirely dif­fer­ent world. "Shaqami Dr Qas­simlu" was writ­ten and di­rected by Fathy Mirza­eian, and it re­volves around the con­se­quences of go­ing after free­dom and love in a dic­ta­to­rial, surreal 'mod- ern day Iran.' The young man and pri­mary character, Hawar, pur­sues his dreams and Kur­dish iden­tity, de­ter­mined to have free­dom and democ­racy un­der the threat of ex­e­cu­tion.

The film it­self was shot and pro­duced in the Kur­dish city of Sanandaj in Iran, it's re­lease date be­ing 2 May 2013. Cin­e­matog­ra­phy was by Chris Cham­bers, film edit­ing by Shaho Sharif, cast­ing by Fatih Salehi, pro­duc­tion de­sign by Hamid Ari­aie, and mu­sic by Lezan Qader.

Dis­played through a nu­mer­ous amount of vo­cif­er­ous, yet at the same time won­der­fully ec­cen­tric, scenes, "Shaqami Dr Qas­simlu" is a film guar­an­teed to gal­va­nize it's cap­ti­vated au­di­ence into a frenzy of deep thoughts and con­tem­pla­tions.

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