Kobane Peo­ple are head­ing to­ward Kur­dis­tan Re­gion seek­ing a Safe Shel­ter

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Has­san Shin­gali

The world has be­come chaotic since the emerg­ing of the Is­lamic State in Iraq and Sham(ISIS) which led to the con­trol­ling of many ar­eas in Iraq and Syria. Their emerg­ing have shown fear among many peo­ple in many coun­tries and es­pe­cially in Iraq and Syria since they have emerged there first. IS’s con­trol­ling of one of the largest ci­ties in Iraq after the re­treat­ing of the Iraqi Army and its flee­ing have made peo­ple scared be­cause thou­sands of Iraqi sol­diers in Mu­sol city left their mil­i­tary base­ments fear­ing from ISIS.

After ISIS con­trolled on Mu­sol, they head to­ward Tala­far and Sin­jar. The re­cent ISIS oc­cu­pa­tion came after they con­trolled Sin­jar and flee­ing thou­sands of its peo­ple to Kur­dis­tan re­gion be­sides killing and kid­nap­ing many of them. Kobane is one of the big­gest Kur­dish ci­ties in Syria and it is a strate­gic line for the ISIS to get into Syria eas­ily. In the re­cent time, Kobany peo­ple have also fled from their city into Turkey and Kur­dis­tan fear­ing from the at­tacks of IS and their ad­vance to­ward the city. YPG known as Kur­dish forces in Kur­dis­tanSyria are in a con­tin­u­ous fight­ing with the rad­i­cal groups (ISIS) in Kobane.

Be­fore end­ing up with the sad sto­ries and suf­fer­ings of peo­ple of Sin­jar, Kobane’s suf­fer­ings have just started. Thou­sands of peo­ple have fled from Kobane to Turkey fear­ing from ISIS and they have passed through many places till get­ting to Kur­dis­tan re­gion. Abo a cit­i­zen from Kobane said that they have been ill-treated by Turk­ish gen­darmes while try­ing get­ting into Turkey, ‘’ we stayed one day on the bor­der be­cause the Turk­ish gen­darmes did not let us to en­ter Turkey then after that we headed to Surje, one of the Turk­ish ci­ties near Urfa, added Abo. Another girl who wished to be un­known told Kur­dish Globe that they have stayed in Diar­bakir for two weeks but be­cause the non­liv­ing con­di­tion in the camp they couldn’t stay there so they came to Kur­dis­tan, she added that the lo­cal peo­ple of Diar­bakir and es­pe­cially Kurds have played a great role in pro­vid­ing them with food but the lack of place led them to leave Diar­bakir.

Ibra­heem Khalil cus­tom –the bor­der be­tween Turkey and Zakho has re­ceived hun­dreds of refugees from Kobane who came from Turkey seek­ing a safe and se­cure shel­ter. The in­flux of too many peo­ple to Kur­dis­tan re­gion from Syria and the dis­puted ar­eas in Iraq is an in­di­ca­tion that Kur­dis­tan is a safe place to live in and is a place of co­ex­is­tence and Hu­man­ity.

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