The Sur­vival of Khidir Has­san Ahmed

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Has­san Shin­gali

Tragic sto­ries are abun­dant in Shin­gal. Wher­ever you go you find peo­ple with many heart­break­ing sto­ries. Khanke camp is a place of com­fort for many Yazidis who fled from IS and their heinous at­tacks. Thou­sands of Yazidis were kid­naped, killed and sex­u­ally ha­rassed while thou­sands are in the hands of ISIS at the mo­ment. Few have man­aged to es­cape and run away from the bar­bar­ians. Khidir Has­san Ahmed who is the only sur­vivor in his fam­ily, a 17year old from Co­cho vil­lage in which hun­dreds of Yazidis killed by IS, told us his tragic story and the way he es­caped. On the first day of the IS at­tack on Shin­gal, all the peo­ple fled to moun­tain but Co­cho is the only vil­lage that its peo­ple re­fused to leave.

Ahmed said that when mili- tants came to his vil­lage, they asked them to raise white flags and they would not do any­thing to them. But it seemed that the strat­egy that ISIS used worked. After one day, the IS told them that they had to con­vert to Is­lam or they would be killed. The Chief­tain tried to de­lay the pe­riod into another three days so that they would find a so­lu­tion. The vil­lage was sur­rounded by IS mil­i­tants so that no one could es­cape. After the days passed they asked them that they were go­ing to take them to the moun­tain to join their sect and go to Kur­dis­tan and those who wanted to stay and con­vert to Is­lam they could do so. This was another trick that IS uti­lized. They sep­a­rated men from women and girls and later killed them all. Ahmed said that IS took men and put women and girls in trucks . While do­ing so, "I was in the first shift to be killed. I and another 14 men were shot when we heard the word" Shoot" added Ahmed." For­tu­nately, Ahmed and another three men could jump on the ground quickly when the shoot­ing started so the bul­lets did not pen­e­trate to the vi­tal or­gans but only touched their flesh.

Ahmed and his three in­jured friends could make their way into one of the nearby Arab vil­lages after IS left to bring more peo­ple for ex­e­cu­tion. The four sur­vivors asked for wa­ter and food. They were told to leave the vil­lage as soon as pos­si­ble fear­ing IS reprisals. Then they made their way to the moun­tain which took 20 hours walk­ing till they reached their des­ti­na­tion. There at least they could feel safe since many Yazidis were in the moun­tain. They did not get treat­ment for their in­juries and they started their jour­ney again to­wards Syria so that they get some med­i­cal help. Once they reached Syria they got treat­ment and later headed to­ward Derk (one of the Kur­dish Vil­lages) so that they could get their way to Kur­dis­tan.

After fac­ing many unimag­in­able dif­fi­cul­ties and see­ing many chil­dren starve and die of thirst and hunger and see­ing many old men and women die on the moun­tain, as well as los­ing all the mem­bers of his fam­ily and rel­a­tives, Ahmed is now liv­ing in Khanke camp. Alone.

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