Time to Re­con­sider

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By John Waalace

There is a grave tragedy tak­ing place in Kobane which seems to be at the epi­cen­ter of an even greater in­jus­tice oc­cur­ring in western me­dia sources, in which the aus­pi­cious truth about the fierce and valiant re­sis­tance of Syr­ian Kur­dish fight­ers in that city is ei­ther ig­nored or with­held from the lo­cus of pub­lic opin­ion of its read­ers.

Aside from the ab­sence of first-hand re­port­ing within Kobane, the var­i­ous sto­ries told by most world lead­ers in the re­gion have done lit­tle to help the des­per­ate Kur­dish fight­ers there. De­spite the in­ter­mit­tent and scanty as­sault on ISIS forces by coali­tion jets, the Syr­ian Kur­dish fight­ers have with­stood the siege for nearly two months now. Th­ese Kurds have pre­vailed against the re­lent­less ISIS ma­ni­acs with­out hav­ing ad­e­quate out­side support, which at this point is grossly delin­quent, and with­out hav­ing heavy weapons with which to de­fend them­selves. Mean­while, ISIS ap­pears to be well equipped with such weaponry since they cap­tured much of what was left be­hind by the Amer­i­can sup­plied and trained de­sert­ing Iraqi sol­diers.

Ob­vi­ously, and sadly, the Amer­i­can mil­i­tary leader John Kirby has much to learn about the true character of a war­rior since he has com­pletely ig­nored the for­mi­da­ble Kur­dish fight­ers in Syria, both men and women alike. I was ap­palled when I read th­ese very re­cent com­ments he made: "We don't have a will­ing, ca­pa­ble, ef­fec- tive part­ner on the ground inside Syria right now," Pen­tagon spokesman Rear Adm John Kirby said on Wed­nes­day. And how many times have we heard it said that air-power alone can­not pre­vail with­out hav­ing boots on the ground as well?

One could not have a greater ally in this cause against the ma­ni­acs of ISIS than the Kur­dish war­riors of Kobane, whose de­fense of their home­land against all odds and pre­dic­tion is Homeric. And the his­tory will not soon for­get this. It is time we rec­og­nize this truth in­stead of re­ly­ing on the de­ceit of those so-called al­lies across the bor­der in Turkey, whose boot­less sol­diers gape on from idle tanks stuck in the mud of their own mak­ing.

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