Joy­ful Mem­o­ries

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Has­san Shin­gali

‘’ East or West Home is Best’’ which means that when­ever one goes to a place she/he would not find a bet­ter place than their orig­i­nal one. From the 3rd Au­gust and till the mo­ment I am writ­ing, I am think­ing of my sweet home and sweet vil­lage. The vil­lage that I grew up in and have the best mem­o­ries from there but be­cause of the cruel at­tacks on the city and the vil­lage by ISIS we had no choice but to flee and find an­other place to live in. Leav­ing our home­town with all the mem­o­ries has left a strange spot in our minds.

Shin­gal, the town that multi-eth­nic groups of peo­ple lived in is now fac­ing the most dif­fi­cult times in its his­tory. In Shin­gal you would feel part of the com­mu­nity. There was no racism among its peo­ple. The Chris­tian and Mus­lims would go to their Yazidi broth­ers’ houses and cel­e­brate the feast with them and vice verse but the bar­bar­ian ISIS have sep­a­rated them and kid­napped their women, girls and killed the men.

I do re­mem­ber the old nice days we spent to­gether as young men in the nice vil­lage. We spent our times to­gether, and we would have our own small group and have our own pic­nics. In spring we would go for walks and the land was cov­ered with green col­ors. But again when one thinks of the trauma and dis­as­ter that fell upon Shin­gal and its peo­ple one would fall in grief and would never for­get the fact that our women and girls are be­ing sold as slaves and men be­ing killed and chil­dren sep­a­rated from their moth­ers. How­ever, we will pre­serve our cul­ture, the var­i­ous-cul­tural co­ex­is­tence and our life­style. We are wait­ing pa­tiently to go back to our lib­er­ated Shin­gal very soon and re­sume our nor­mal life as usual.

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