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"...And Thus I Was Born" was di­rected and pro­duced by in­de­pen­dent film-maker So­ran Mar­dookh. The film takes place in the moun­tain­ous area's of Kur­dis­tan, cen­tring around a bunch of peo­ple who all have their own in­de­pen­dent and in­di­vid­ual goals to work after and how their lives oc­ca­sion­ally in­ter­twine.

Mr. Rahimi, an op­er­a­tor of a mo­bile li­brary, goes around sell­ing books to chil­dren, a pas­sion for learn­ing and en­light­en­ment in his mind. Dervish, a young labourer, squan­ders around vil­lages in win­ter, work­ing with a group of preach­ers and evan­ge­lists only to loose them at some point, em­bark­ing on a search to catch up with them. A young teen, who's sis­ter goes into labour, goes to the near­est vil­lage to ask for a doc­tor. How­ever; an un­for­tu­nate event oc­curs in the process. A young sol­dier, guard­ing an iso­lated tower, writes and sends sev­eral ro­man­tic let­ters to the girl he loves with the hopes of her one day writ­ing back.

"And Thus I Was Born" is a won­der­fully thought-out film that co­in­cides with the nor­mal theme of war that usu­ally pre­vails in Kur­dish films, tak­ing a spin on a multi-character story with sev­eral dif­fer­ent themes, show­cas­ing a se­ries of ironic and thought pro­vok­ing short sto­ries.

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