Ex­hi­bi­tion for 33 painters from around the world in Bel­gium

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An art ex­hi­bi­tion for 33 well­known painters around the world was held in Melsele, west of Antwerpen in Bel­gium which is known as the rich­est city in naval trans­port and di­a­mond. The ex­hi­bi­tion was held from 1 to 16 Novem­ber 2014 in OC Bo­eren Poort hall and at­tended by artists and cul­tur­ists.

As the Pesh­merga held the name of Kur­dis­tan high by their ac­tiv­i­ties, the Kur­dish artists held Kur­dish art and cul­ture high and showed them to the world. Three fa­mous Kur­dish artists from South­ern Kur­dis­tan (Hus­sein Kakayee, Aveen Izad­deen and Khalid Kaky) took part in the ex­hi­bi­tion. The artists have been wit­ness­ing the rich Euro­pean cul­ture and ex­pe­ri­ence since the eight­ies and have been able to present the world the Kur­dish art and iden­tity to the world and Euro­peans’ artists and in­tel­lec­tu­als.

Hus­sein Kaky, an artist from South­ern Kur­dis­tan known as Khalil Kakayi who has been prac­tic­ing art in Kirkuk since the six­ties, is now do­ing his work in the heart of Europe, Bel­gium. He strives to showcase the Kur­dish iden­tity and art and their suf­fer­ing. His re­cent paint­ings were about Shin­gal and Ka­bane.

Khalid Kaky, as a poet, au­thor and artists in Madrid of Spain, com­pleted his study and con­tin­ued his art ac­tiv­i­ties and has taken part in many in­ter­na­tional exhibitions and has pub­lished many poem col­lec­tions.

The Kur­dish artist Aveen Izad­deen, who is known as Aveen Kaky and is from Kirkuk, brought up by a fam­ily con­cerned with art. She has been ob­sessed with artis­tic ac­tiv­i­ties in Europe for many years. She also took part in the ex­hi­bi­tion and show­cased her works.

Th­ese artists in­tend to de­liver a cul­tural and artis­tic mes­sage that art and lan­guage need no trans­la­tion, but rather is a univer­sal lan­guage which all can un­der­stand, but each one has its own iden­tity.

Th­ese artists took part in the ex­hi­bi­tion Gaby Cleuren-Bel­gium Alicja Pole­chon­ska - Polen Leona Van Wawe - Bel­gium Say­dou ly -Mau­re­tanie

Lisette van de velde- Bel­gium Kakayi Hoessin - kur­dis­tan Rita Val­gaeren - Bel­gie Khakid kaki - Iraq Frieda Stevens -Bel­gium Kun Fang - china Louis van over­loop gium Nur­maa­jav -Mon­golie Chris Tack­aert -Bel­gium Bolorchu­luu- Mon­golie Leo van der Hey­den -Bel­gium Avin kaki - Iraqi kur­dis­tan Ce­cile Hen­nis­sen-Bel­gium Sevem Unal - Turk­ije Paul van Wawe -Bel­gium Er­deneb­ul­gan -Mon­golie Bert van Mieghem -Bel­gium Nana DankwaSte­faan Van Biesen -Bel­gium Shaomin Xue -China Anne -Mie van Bene­denBel­gium Bolorma Bazarsd -Mon­golie Lies­beth Meul - Bel­gium Bayaert -Od -Mon­golie Al­ida Lyssens -Bel­gium Paul kitengo Luc Cap­paert -Bel­gium Nina Stoupina- Rus­land Irma Prado -Chili


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