Shin­gal Arabs trade with the Yazidi Kurds

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A Pesh­marga Force com­man­der in the Shin­gal area re­vealed that the Arab cit­i­zens of Shin­gal sell Yazidi Kurds free. The Arabs promised to re­turn three fam­i­lies back to their rel­a­tives for an amont of US$20,000.

"The rel­a­tives of the three fam­i­lies came to Mount Shin­gal with the ran­som , but later the Arabs changed their minds and the deal was can­celed," said Qasim Dirbo, Pesh­marga Forces Com­manded in Mount Shin­gal . Then the three fam­i­lies were trans­ferred back to Mo­sul.

Com­man­der Dirbo said th­ese Arabs buy the Yazidi hostages from ISIS fight­ers and sell them back at a higher price to their fam­i­lies and rel­a­tives.

"One of the three fam­i­lies were 5 mem­bers, and the other two were all women and chil­dren," Dirbo said.

Dirbo also talked about the sit­u­a­tion in Shin­gal and said due to the bom­bard­ment of the city by the Pesh­marga two Yazidi girls could es­cape the town and reach Mount Shin­gal.

"The girls said

'dur­ing the bom­bard­ment the guards fled away, and we got the chance to es­cape'."

The Pesh­marga of­fi­cial also said that two Yazidi Kur­dish men also found their way out of Shin­gal and reached safety again.

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