The Bat­tle of Rabi’a

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On Tues­day in Rabi'a re­gion, the Pesh­merga forces were at­tacked by ISIS mil­i­tants. After an eight hour long fight, the Pesh­merga could counter at­tack and in­flict heavy losses on IS. More than 50 ter­ror­ists were killed and tens of ar­tillery pieces and other equip­ments were seized. A Bri­gadier Gen­eral of one of the Pesh­merga forces said that cur­rently Rabi'a is calm and no IS move­ments can be seen,"We have high morale and are ready to thwart any en­emy at­tack."

ISIS at­tacks in Rabi'a

were re­pulsed

Colonel Ka­ma­ran Dasko of West of Ti­gris told Hewler news­pa­per: "At 7:15 am, the IS at­tacked our forces in both Tel-Hayat and Awynat vil­lages with a great force. After a very vi­cious fight that reached a point when we were shoot­ing with our pis­tols and hurl­ing grenades at each other. But after an eighthour fight we were able to de­feat the IS. We forced them to with­draw. We in- flicted heavy losses upon them in both per­son­nel and equip­ment. Some fifty ter­ror­ists were killed and 150 more were in­jured who were sent to Mo­sul hos­pi­tals.

The sig­nif­i­cance of

Rabi'a to ISIS

Colonel Kam­eran also said that due Rabi'a strate­gic po­si­tion the IS fight­ers keep try­ing to con­trol that place. They want the ci­ties in the bor­der ar­eas of Syria and Iraq un­der their con­trol so that they can have well-con­nected ter­ri­to­ries of their Chal­i­fat." He re­it­er­ated firmly that un­til there is one sin­gle Pesh­merga in Rabi'a the IS can­not con­trol it again."Ev­ery time they try, we will turn the area into a real hell for th­ese warped bar­bar­ians."

Pesh­merga's high morale and be­ing

in the fore­front

A source within Pesh­merga re­vealed to Hewler new­pa­per that the Kur­dish forces have great and high morale and are al­ways at the fore­front. In con­trast, IS fight­ers don't have the abil­ity to at­tack any longer, and are al­ways in with­drawal. Pesh­merga is ready and at their best and will not al­low ter­ror­ists to con­trol th­ese lands that have been freed by them.

Pesh­merga's win­ning

The same source also men­tioned that in the Rabi'a fight, in ad­di­tion to Pesh­merga caus­ing dam­age to IS, they also cap­tured a lot of mil­i­tary ma­te­rial. They were able to seize 4 hum­mers, 9 cars and some lighter weapons such as sniper ri­fles, BKC and ma­chine guns. They also found 18 dead bod­ies of the ter­ror­ists on the bat­tle­field.

Most of the ter­ror­ists had for­eign pass­ports

Hashim Si­tayi, 8th Bri­gade Gen­eral told Hewler: "Most of the IS fight­ers car­ried for­eign pass­ports such as Saudi, Ye­meni, and even Ger­man pass­ports.

Si­tayi also stated that IS mil­i­tants in Mo­sul and its sur­round­ings are in great dan­gers of an­ni­hi­la­tion. They are con­tentiously with­drawaing and do not have the ca­pac­ity to launch at­tacks any more. Un­less they per­form sui­cide bomb­ings, they do not have the same strength as be­fore. In the re­gions they con­trol, es­pe­cially in Mo­sul, they have started to van­dal­ize and pil­lage homes of or­di­nary cit­i­zens.

The ef­fect of the

air strikes

The al­lied forces co­or­di­nated their bom­bard­ments with the move­ments of the Kur­dish forces on the ground. The air strikes had tremen­dous ef­fects on the IS. As a re­sult, the en­emy's weapons and equip­ments were de­stroyed and the Pesh­marga could lib­er­ate Rabi'a.

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