Pesh­merge, Sym­bol of a Na­tion and Free­dom Ever

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - By Gazi Has­san

Up to the days of the bru­tal and sav­age at­tacks of ISIS, Pesh­merge were just a na­tional Kur­dish force. Now they have be­come he­roes and a well-known force. Their brav­ery and strong will of re­sis­tance are com­mended all over the world. They’re not just de­feat­ing a bru­tal and bar­barous force, but they’ve be­come bear­ers of the ban­ners of free­dom. The Pesh­marge have re­ally put the name of Kur­dis­tan and the Kur­dish on the world map.

Dur­ing the re­cent months, Pesh­merge have been able to bol­ster the na­tional spirit across all parts of Kur­dis­tan, es­pe­cially in the west part of the greater Kur­dis­tan. Through his strate­gic de­ci­sions and his na­tion­wide lead­er­ship, Pres­i­dent Mas­soud Barzani mo­bi­lized Pesh­merge to help other parts of Kur­dis­tan to achieve a brighter fu­ture. In ad­di­tion, as a demo­cratic Kur­dis­tani who de­fends the free­dom of all com­po­nents of Kur­dis­tan, Barzani is lead­ing a great in­ter­na­tional war on ter­ror.

Last Thurs­day, Pesh­merge man­aged to lib­er­ate a large swathe of land in Zu­mar, even reach­ing the Shin­gal Mount. This was a great shift in the bal­ance of power, which seems to be the be­gin­ning of the ISIS’s end, be­cause it doesn’t only dam­age the morale of sav­age ter­ror­ists, but also cuts a strate­gic way to Syria and un­der­mines their au­thor­ity in the ArabSunni pop­u­lated ar­eas. With the ad­vance of Pesh­merge, ISIS, which have be­come a threat to ev­ery­one in par­tic­u­lar Ezidi Kurds, Shabaks and Chris­tians for sev­eral months, will be wiped out from the Kur­dish soil.

Pesh­merge are the only trusted force by the in­ter­na­tional coali­tion. This is a guar­an­tee for the po­lit­i­cal fu­ture of Kur­dis­tan. So if Pesh­merge were only sym­bol of li­bra­tion of Kur­dis­tan in the past, now they’re sym­bol of a new era, the era of fight­ing ter­ror­ism and pro­tect­ing free­dom across the world. The free­dom with its mod­ern mean­ing which guar­an­tees ev­ery in­di­vid­ual's right to pro­tec­tion and wel­fare as we see in the western coun­tries.

Pesh­merge are not only sav­ing the lives of peo­ple in Kur­dis­tan, but they’re break­ing a force and push­ing them back to their orig­i­nal des­ti­na­tion where they were cre­ated. Pesh­merge cre­ate a new iden­tity for a new era. An iden­tity that has a mes­sage and asks why the free peo­ple of Europe, the US, Aus­tralia, Canada and China en­deavor to root out any ten­dency of po­lit­i­cal vi­o­lence and ex­trem­ism. They cre­ate an iden­tity that how Pesh­merge, with the sim­plest types of weaponry, de­feat a bru­tal and bar­barous force of ISIS. Now the ques­tion is will Kur­dis­tan re­main the same coun­try prior to the fall of Mo­sul? What’s more im­por­tant, will Pesh­merge ac­cept the re­al­ity of Kur­dis­tan be­ing part of the cen­tral gov­ern­ment in Bagh­dad, or will Kur­dis­tan emerge as a new in­de­pen­dent state and en­tity in a new era?

The new de­vel­op­ments prom­ise op­ti­mism. The na­tional iden­tity of the Kurds should be ac­cepted and of­fi­cially rec­og­nized. The new re­al­ity is the re­sult of the pre­cious sac­ri­fices of the Pesh­marge un­der the wise lead­er­ship of Pres­i­dent Barzani. The renowned Kur­dish forces in­spire hope and pride in its peo­ple and the world as well.

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