Oil ver­sus Wa­ter!

The Kurdish Globe - - NEWS - Swara Kadir

crease in crude oil sup­plies, es­pe­cially shale oil and gas, and the de­mand stay­ing as it is and in some cases drop­ping, oil prices have come down un­prece­dent­edly to reach around $60 dol­lars per bar­rel. It seems that for now oil has passed its hay­day as the most fought- over liq­uid in the world.

In comes wa­ter as the com­peti­tor of oil and how it is be­ing con­trolled by the re­gional pow­ers. One can turn his at­ten­tion to what Turkey is do­ing in build­ing more dams. This is part of its pub­lic work project (GAP project) to limit the wa­ter flow from the Euphrates and Ti­gris rivers that sup­ply Syria and Iraq. Iran is also fol­low­ing suit but to a lesser ex­tent since it doesn’t have the same wa­ter mo­nop­oly as Turkey.

Turkey and Iran are try­ing to ex­ert eco­nomic pres­sure on Syria and Iraq to yield to their de­mands and limit agri­cul­tural pro­duc­tion to keep them in a state of eco­nomic de­pen­dency on Turk­ish and Ira­nian prod­ucts. Thank­fully the Kur­dis­tan Re­gion is not badly af­fected by th­ese mea­sures due to the plen­ti­ful wa­ter sup­plies as it ac­cesses around 46 bil­lion cu­bic me­ters a year and it only needs around 9 bil­lion!

As pop­u­la­tions grow and food re­sources get scarcer, soon enough bat­tles may no longer be fought over oil but rather for that life sus­tain­ing trans­par­ent liq­uid called wa­ter!

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